Tuesday, May 29, 2012

What a Weekend!

We had a long weekend, yes we did!
And it passed by so very quickly.
Around here, when time passes by quickly, it is because it was chocked full of activity!
And this weekend was no exception.

I'll give you just the highlights, otherwise you'll be here visiting me for half the day.

Added to the usual farm chores, there was a little gooseberry picking...
(and another pie baked..."sour pie" as Hubbs calls it.)

We harvested all of the rest of the broccoli
and gave the stalks to the chickens (one of their favorites).
They had the stalks stripped of all the leaves in a matter of minutes.

We planted Romanesco cauliflower (Christmas tree cauliflower) in its place.
We have found that planting marigolds in amongst these veggies 
truly makes a difference in pest control.
Our garden boxes with marigolds have remarkably less insect damage.

We took delivery of a "surplus" rooster, a silkie, that someone did not want.
Meet Elton John...

A visit from Tyler and his Mommy was Sunday's highlight.
We took a pony ride...

a gator ride through the woods...

We visited with the piggies...

and gathered eggs....

Later in the afternoon we harvested honey
(the subject of tomorrow's post).

A severe thunderstorm on Sunday evening left us with a bit of damage
and a lot of additional clean up work.
A choke cherry tree ended up crashing down on the pasture fence between the horses and the pigs.

This week we'll have to do a bit of chain saw work
and rebuild a portion of the fence.

On Memorial Day we took a few hours away from the farm to kayak on our favorite river.

We did a beautiful six mile stretch on the Juniata River.

It was a wonderful weekend with a few of our kids...
working, playing, cooking together...
and making memories to last a lifetime!

A break for fun was needed  as this week will be filled with work and preparations
for an "open farm" this coming weekend.


  1. That does look like one full weekend you had. Whew. It also looks like special fun. Your grandson is so sweet looking, especially in the Gator and looking at the pig. What a wonderful weekend for him too. Have a great week. I know you'll be busy.

  2. Wow you know how to pack a weekend full. I love Elton John.....what a beauty. Sorry for the tree damage but thankfully know one was heart.The fresh Gooseberries look so good.

    -missy ala pennyhenny

  3. Looks as though Mother Nature wreaked a bit of havoc on the fence... grrrr... I'm not sure what happened here, may have had a bit of wind, but no rain... *knocks on wood*

  4. WOW, You had a GREAT day!
    I have never had gooseberries, but they are such an old fashioned fruit, I am tempted to plant a few on this old farmstead. The bees are looking very healthy, you will hopefully have a huge load of honey.

  5. Looks like a fun time was had by all! Those go down in the books as a truly great weekend! Have some fun doing all your farm chores this weekend. Hugs!!

  6. Glad you spent some time relaxing..the storm missed us..mostly wind..spent the weekend cleaning and trying to keep cool.Tyler looks great on his pony ride..

  7. I love little Elton! (And look at all those supers of honey--wow!)

  8. I would love to hear more about keeping bees. And I loved the kayaking on the river pics!!! A fun weekend for sure!!!

  9. Phew! You tire me out just reading about your weekend. The pictures are beautiful as always. I sure enjoy reading your posts as I'm not able to have a farm ATM, so I'm living vicariously through you. :-D

  10. Sounds like a great weekend, especially the kayaking. I can't wait to go canoeing this summer.

  11. Oh Beverly, what a fun filled weekend! Sorry about the tree damage, looks like alot of clean up. I just love your grandson, as sweet as can be... Yes, enough memories to last a lifetime.
    Now I really like Elton John!! He is beautiful.
    Enjoy your week,


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