Thursday, May 3, 2012


I received perhaps the nicest compliment from my hubby yesterday.
And I don't usually put too much thought into compliments,
but his was genuine.
I had just finished painting this sign and hanging it on the greenhouse.

He was looking at the greenhouse and the improvements that I had made over
the past several days both there and in the gardens.
He said..."You are really good at creating sacred spaces."

Sacred spaces are important to me. 
It is always my desire to bring as much positive energy and maybe a little magic
as I can into any place that I spend time...
indoors and outdoors.

I thought about those words....
"Sacred Spaces"...

and that is exactly how I would describe our farm.
A Sacred Space.
A place deserving to be held as sacred.
It is not of my creation,
I am merely the caretaker.

I have stewardship over 140 acres
and responsibility for the welfare of those that inhabit that land,
as well as for the land itself.

I try each day to lovingly care for this tiny piece of our earth and hold it sacred.

How much healthier our earth would be if everyone thought of themselves as
caretakers of sacred spaces!

I love that you stop by to visit
and enjoy this place with me.

I love that you see the magic as well...
the magic of a tiny seedling...
a floating butterfly...
a buzzing bee...
a mama goat and her kid....

and so very much more!

Take a moment, today, to find the sacredness in the place in which you dwell...
and strive to bring some magic and positivity into that space!
Make it your goal to leave that place better than you found it.

Have a happy day!
(I'm sure you will)


  1. Beautiful post and pictures and I can hear that your words are from your heart.

    You are one of my favorite daily stops.

  2. What a beautiful post! I'll definitely find time to enjoy my sacred spaces today!

  3. Great pictures and post Bev! I love how you turned the potting shed into such a special place.

  4. Oh your greenhouse looks great !!! That sunset pic looks great

  5. Oh what a cute sign I love it. That was sweet of hubby ! I love your potting shed. I always find sacredness in my furbabies and the nature thats around us here in the beauty of the woods and river that flows through out our village. Great post and photos ! Have a wonderful day !

  6. I love your sacred place too. What a sweet hubby. You do create magic!

  7. What a wonderful post! I feel the same way about our little corner of the world.
    BTW, I love your greenhouse. we put ours in 2 years ago and I am able to grow so many more plants from seed.

  8. I love your sentiments about sacred spaces. I have often felt like nature is my church and what helps me feel centered. It is a spiritual feeling to just sit with the animals and enjoy the natural magic.

  9. Thank you for the reminder, that in our busy life we tend to forget how scared our place is. Have a wonderful day!

  10. And what a caretaker you are...Your little piece of the world and those that share it with you ( both human and not) are very lucky to have you.

  11. PS..The potting shed looks amazing!!!

  12. I am so happy that I "met" you, Bev! You are a treasure!

  13. Hi Bev, I agree...your farm is definitely 'sacred space'...a beautiful place to be for both people and fur and feathered friends. We're working hard to make this little farm better than how we found it...slowly but surely. Have a wonderful Friday and weekend! Maura :)

  14. First of all, I love the sign!!! And I think what you said is beautiful. I feel the same way, and although my little farm is only one acre, it is also a sacred place. I place I feel most at "home" and at peace, and a place I truly enjoy caring for. I so thoroughly enjoy visiting you and your scared places, and all of the wonderful creatures, big and small, that inhabit your farm!!!
    : ) Kris


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