Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Happier Days!

Thanks so much for your words of sympathy and encouragement
over our loss of Edith.
Living at the edge of the woods brings both the beauty and the beasts of nature
right to our front door.
And we learn to take the good with the bad,
the happy with the sad.
It's the natural order of things I suppose.

So, today I am writing about happier things....
like flowers and grandchildren and pigs!

On the subject of flowers....
If I had to pick one flower to call my favorite....
(which would be a difficult thing to do... picking just one!)
I suppose I would have to choose the iris.

The irises are in full bloom here.

This "black" iris (above) was sent to me by a dear friend.
It looks black on a cloudy day, but in the bright sun is a lovely shade of purple.

Tall bearded irises...

Irises remind me of my childhood...
we always had them in our back yard.

This past Mother's Day weekend brought visits from my kids
and my best little buddy, Tyler.

We took the goats for a walk and visited with the pigs.

This picture reminds me that I wanted to show you how the pigs have grown in the past 6
Here they are with Maddie this weekend...
and yes, they love the mud!

Here they are back in November....

Can you believe how they've changed???

And yet our Maddie still thinks she's their mother.
She loves her piggies!


  1. My favorite line in this post?: "So today I'm writing about happier things, like flowers and grandchildren and pigs!" It just made me smile!
    Irises are beautiful and that must be one muddy dog!

  2. Your Maddie seems like such a good dog. I can't believe she lays in the mud with them. You have such a loving farm.

  3. Wow the little guys are getting big! !!!!!!!

  4. Wonderful photos all soo cute ! Our Iris's havent even finished growing slow this year some things bloomed to early and now others are taking forever. Have a good day !

  5. Amazing how those piggies have grown. Plus look how big Mr. Tyler is getting, wow! A grandchild can make any day happier.

    My iris(s) are about to bloom. It is Iris Festival here though Memorial Day. I love visiting the fields and have a weakness for ordering just one more. I only wished they bloomed all summer long. Take care dear friend and have a fantastic day!!!

  6. Maddie is such a great dog. I just think her bond with the piggies is so sweet.
    Beautiful irises. I think I may try planting bulbs this fall and hope no critters decide to dig them up.

  7. Love that your little piggies...not eliminating Tyler...lol are getting so big. That Maddie is a hero!

  8. Wow..the piggies almost dwarf Maddie..That's quite a feat..Iris are beautiful indeed..Although I've never been a huge fan..kinda remind me of funerals..:)

  9. oh ... That Maddy!!
    Give her a BiG-Huge Mothers Day (belated) HUG from mE!
    She's such a LOVE!
    She hAs raised HAppy piggy girls!))

    Your Big Boy looks kinda smAll now next to Ginger & Maryann...


  10. Awwwww, what breed is Maddie ? Newfie? Gotta love dem lil' piggies rollin' in the mud. They've got the right ideas on 'life'.

    Thanks for some Iris pics- they're my favorites too . I absolutely Adore those soft lavender ones- wow !!

    Kris @ WoodFinn

  11. It's always hard to lose a member of the farm family. I wailed an cried when my matched set of Khaki Campbell ducks got eaten.

    But then - we look to the brighter side! (And remember that everything has to eat - even predators.)

    I LOVE irises as well. They grow like weeds up here, but I always divide and replant to get more. Mainly purple with light orange centers, but last year there was a beautiful yellow one that I'm hoping to see again. Plus, I like the look of the leaves.


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