Monday, May 7, 2012

Good News

It was a perfect weekend...
just the right blend of work and fun!
Saturday was spent visiting a few greenhouses and antique markets
followed by time spent with friends...
celebrating Cinqo de Mayo (eating wonderful Mexican food)
and watching the Kentucky Derby (without our hats!).

Did you see Saturday evening's moon rising?
It was spectacular.
Close to the earth.
Big and full and the Man in the Moon had a big smile on his face!

Sunday was a cloudy day...
what we call a "piggy" day...
a mild day with no sun, temperatures right around 70 degrees...
oh so comfortable for working around the farm...
and the best weather for the pigs! (They mind the heat.)

After morning chores we had our traditional Farm Breakfast.
Fresh from the garden...
asparagus, spinach, kale, and chives...

chopped and saut├ęd to use as the stuffing of a fluffy fresh duck egg omelet.
Lemon blueberry scones on the side.

Several hours of garden work...



Gardening was followed by a walk with the Nigerian Dwarf goats...

What a fun adventure they had.


munching on wild raspberries...

 and nibbling on tasty branches.

I had to have a talk with Star....reminding her that when it was time to come back in,
she had to be a good leader and get her family home!

And she did just that...
led them all home for their supper.

But the best thing of all is this...

Edith has been found.

She has made a nest beneath some honeysuckle at the edge of the woods,
and is sitting on eggs.
Three more weeks of waiting, and we just may have baby turkeys on the farm!

PS:  Thanks to Amanda (Manny Bee) for sharing her photos!


  1. Looks like you had a great weekend! ! Hope you have a good start to the week!!!!

  2. So glad you found Edith...I was worried!
    Can't wait to see the babies!

  3. Hi Bev, Thank heavens Edith has been found I have been worried for her

  4. Sounds like a prefect weekend to me ! Love your photos . I love the fact that you wear a pinny for gardening . My mum wore a pinny for almost every thing . Have a great day !

  5. What a nice weekend. I'm so glad you've found Edith. I wish her luck in staying safe and hatching little ones.

  6. What lovely pictures of you with all your little ones! Great news about Edith! How exciting!

  7. I am jealous! I had to work this weekend so I couldn't work in the gardens. So glad you found Edith. Baby turkeys would be great!

  8. Yeah, as soon as I saw your title I thought, Edith is home, Edith is home. Then I started to read your blog and no Edith so I stopped reading and started scrolling!.. Yes, you saved the good news to last! Now I could go back and do my normal drink my coffee and enjoy your post!

  9. Looks like a beautiful day was had by all. I'm so glad you found Edith. I look forward to seeing her chicks.

  10. Looks like business as usual at the farm..Happy that Edith is no longer among the missing..Will the Toms bother the hatch-lings??

  11. Such sweet news about Edith!

  12. Oh awesome! Hope healthy baby turkeys arrive soon! That's neat.

    Love your yellow gardening garb!

  13. I was just getting ready to quit reading your blog - you dress up to garden...and pull it off?!?...but then you wrangled me back in with finding Edith... ;-)

  14. Yipeee! doing the 'Happy Dance' that Edith has be located... and keeping my fingers & eyes crossed that soon lil turkeys will be running amock around the BeeHaven Farm... :>)
    Happy Monday from our pasture to yours...

  15. So glad that Edith has been found!! Love your pinny's!!!!

  16. I'm so happy you found Edith! I was worried about her.

    Great post and pictures!


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