Thursday, April 12, 2012

Spring Projects

Unstable weather patterns...that's what the weatherman said.
And yes, for once he was completely correct.

Yesterday was one of those days when at any given time,
if you did not like the weather,
all you had to do was wait a half hour and it would change.

We had sun.
And clouds.
And wind.
And rain showers.
And sleet.
And hail.

It was weird, I tell ya!

In spite of the instability,
we were able to work on some Spring projects.

Like.... roto-tilling the soil around the new indoor arena,
in preparation for grass planting.
Tilling the ground kicks up hundreds of rocks that must be picked up by hand.

Of course Oakley is there to help...

you call this help?

Oh how our boys love playtime!

We have a huge area that will need grass planted.
Now that night time temperatures are to be warmer,
it's time to spread the seed.
Hopefully we will begin to get some rain...
or watering will be added to daily farm chores.

I used our tractor to haul piles of soil and compost to this area in the field.
Here I am planning to build a rock retaining wall around this pile of soil
 to create a new flower garden.
Of course, I will have lots of "help"!

With the planting of grass seed, these hens will be confined to their yard...
which will sadden the roosters who come for their daily visit!

As the sun set, we finished our work.
I happened to look up to the pastures and saw Becky's horses,
silhouetted against the evening sky...
one of my favorite sights.

Hopefully today I will start building my rock wall.
A trip to the nursery is all I need; and I can start planting!
I share pictures when this project is complete.


  1. I'm glad that my garden is fenced, not only keep the bunnies out but the dogs too. With all the puppy lovin I'd have to do everytime I bent over, I'd never get anything done.

    BTW...Thanks for the celery inspiration! I stuck a celery end in a jar with water this weekend and I'm already getting leaf sprouts. I would NEVERr have thought to try growing celery as we're SO HOT here over the summer, but growing it in a pot, now that I can do. Thanks again for the inspiration!!

  2. Ah yes, the inspectors on the job...gotta love the chickens and their willingness to help:-)

  3. A favorite day is to be outside digging in the dirt. You have extra bonus with help, ahhh, yes help! Oh scratch here, now here, ahhh, doggie love! Rock wall, more flower beds - yippy!

    Love the photo of the horses, great ending to a day! Enjoy the rest of your week! Hugs!!

  4. Yes, yesterdays weather was very unusual unusual that it was the topic of both of our blog posts...Too funny..Where is the rock wall going???

  5. The weather has been the same here ! Love your photos looks like everyone is getting in the action ! Have a good day !

  6. True that on the weather front. In Washington we've had thunder and lightening, hail, sideways rain, sun, wind and heavy clouds - in the last 3 hours.

    Odd. And I worry about my carrot seeds that are just starting to sprout!!

  7. ahahha.... that's a wild hairdo on one of those birds...


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