Friday, April 20, 2012

Special Delivery

Thursday morning, 5:30...
the phone rings.
The local Post Office called to say there was a special delivery to be picked up.
So, I hopped in the car and headed off to town.

I was greeted at the Post Office door....

Back in the car with my "special package" on the front seat.

No need to turn on the radio...
as the "package" serenaded me.

Once home, I unpacked my new babies...
30 newly hatched guinea keets!
I gently lifted each chick out of the box and introduced them to their new house,
outfitted with heat lamps.
Each chick was shown the water and food.

By the end of the day, and after several naps,
my new little fuzz balls were exploring the whole brooder house...
"cheeping" at the top of their lungs.

Aren't they the sweetest?
These 30 guineas will eventually patrol the farm in search of ticks and other pesky insects.

They will be great fun to watch grow!

Yesterday afternoon I finished the new rock garden....

It's filled with mostly perennials,
but I added a few annuals just for immediate color.

The tree is a weeping Japanese maple.

This garden gives me yet another thing to watch grow and change over the coming years!

Have a wonderful weekend.
We are supposed to get some rain...
which would give us a break from watering!


  1. The chicks are sweet! And, I love your rock garden!

  2. What a great delivery and what a beautiful landscape you have!

  3. The rock garden looks wonderful Bev!

  4. That was a cool video ! AWW they are soo cute ! Awesome photos love your rock garden . Great to see and hear all is going good ! Have a wonderful weekend !

  5. You certainly couldn't fall asleep at the wheel with that serenade. How fun to watch little peeps grown. Let's hope they all stay home and do there job! Love the rock garden! One other thing, thank you for doing a daily post. It is my morning happy moment reading your blog and they off to get ready for work. Hugs!!

  6. Your rock garden is beautiful! as are those chicks.. I sure hope we get rain, hard to believe how very dry everything is so early in the spring.

  7. Congratulations on your new peeps..They're very cute..It will be fun to watch them develop..Do the older ones tolerate new ones??
    The garden looks great..Nice job..I hope they're right about the rain.. Enjoy your weekend..

  8. Oh what fun. I know that noise!!! My neighbor has guinea's, and they are so interesting!! I love their shape!! I am going to be getting more chicks this week too.

  9. Good Morning Bev! Oh goodness what a wonderful bunch of little fluff balls you have sweet! I'm looking forward to watching your little flock grow. I love your new rock garden...that tree will be beautiful when it's grown. We must have been thinking alike since hubby and I worked with rocks yesterday. I already had the garden in place but I needed poor hubby's help to move the huge rocks into place. I started the garden 3 years ago and just left little hints through the years about getting it done but we had so many other projects that needed doing much worse so the rocks just sat in a pile near the gate. Well yesterday at HUBBY'S suggestion...we got 'er' done! Nothing fancy but I love it. You did a WONDERFUL job on yours....don't you just LOVE rocks :) I hope you have a great weekend. Maura :)

  10. Those chicks are so cute! I'm putting in an order for a few chicken chicks to add to our flock. Can't wait! I love your rock garden. You did a great job!

  11. Love the rock garden..turned out great. I know you will enjoy it.

    Love the peeps!

  12. Love your little fuzz balls...can't wait to watch them grow. Your garden is beautiful and the rock wall is magnificent!

  13. I swear Beverly, I simply cannot keep up with you. Just when I think I have the cutest darn critters in the farm world, you come up with a box of babies that I don't own!!! Stop it girl!!


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