Thursday, April 19, 2012

The Introduction

If you have been following my blog,
then you know that Becky brought home an "off the track" thoroughbred rescue
several weeks back.
Pete was a sad bag of bones, emaciated, injured...
one heck of a mess.

Over the past several weeks Pete has been grazing himself back into good health.

Dr. Becky treated Sids wounds, worked on his teeth and hooves,
and kept him supplied with ample amounts of feed...all helping to get the weight back on his skinny body.

His pasture mate, Duffy, is a 30+ year old retiree.

Pete has made friends over the stall wall with Sid, Becky's eventing horse;

(also an off the track thoroughbred)
but they have never been out to pasture together.
Until yesterday.
And this is how it went..
(you may have to turn your sound up to hear the commentary)

Things got a little intense, so Becky got a halter on Sid and took him into the barn.
Pete's not up to too much running yet.
This process will take a while,
but eventually they should work things out.
It would be great if they could eventually be pasture mates,
as both horses require a lot more grazing than her other two horses.

As you can see, though, old Pete has come a long long way!


  1. Hi Bev, Pete is looking fantastic so much improvement in such a short time, they are a bit like boxers being sent to their corners.Keep up all the great work.

  2. Pete looks so much better already... Love seeing him in such a great place. These two will work things out eventualy. Sid is beautifuL!

  3. Kudos for rescuing this animal. I truly HATE the racing industry! I, too, has a rescued race horse. He was going for meat at 50 cents a lb. Horrid. He is a majestic animal and a sweetheart. He is now living his life in Syracuse with his pasture friend, Tommy, a Belgian. I had to give up my Jeffy 3 yrs ago because I had lost my job and have fibromyalgia. I found a woman who works with a rescue in Syracuse and she now has him for her personal pet. He is one of the lucky ones.
    So long as there is a racing industry, there will be millions of Petes and Jeffys!!!!

  4. So nice to see how Pete has come along. Kudos to Dr. Becky.

  5. Awesome video ! I could tell Sid didnt want Pete in his feild by his body language before he even nipped Pete ! Thats horses for ya can be cheeky things. Pete looks great , Hope the two can get along. Have a good day !

  6. That was a wonderful that they will be 'bunk' mates! Pete is looking so much better.

  7. What a great way to start the morning. Does my heart good to see Pete doing so well. Just don't and can't understand why anyone would abuse and neglect such a magnificent animal or any animal for that matter.

  8. Wow, that's a lot of energy from Sid. I hope they can become friends but I almost can't watch because I worry about Pete. I am so glad to see him looking so much better. What a great story of rescue:-))

  9. Three cheers for Pete!!! Actually three cheers for those who have rescued and nursed Pete back to health. I can hardly stand to look at that first picture, oh my--the image of neglect and misery. And what a transformation in a short time! Thanks for keeping us updated on Pete. We're all rooting for him.


  10. Pete is looking fantastic!!!! How neat to see this!!

  11. So glad to see Pete doing so well...not that I am surprised...with all the love he is getting you you all.

  12. Pete looks great..very lucky horse..Warms my heart..Thanks Becky

  13. I hope they can work things out. Pete looks so much better. That really bothered me when I first read your post about Pete. I'm so glad Dr. Becky is kind.

  14. Thank You for taking Sid in. He looks so much better. I'm sure with time they will be great friends.

  15. Hi Bev,
    Pete looks GREAT! Bless your dear heart for taking him in and giving him such a good life... Sid is a beautiful horse.
    Take care, and thank you for sharing this.
    Wonderful post!

  16. That was wonderful Bev...Pete's looking great and seems full of energy. Of course maybe not quite as much as Sid LOL but what a difference between the first photo and the video! You girls did a wonderful job :) I bet the two of them get along just great after the pecking order is settled. Looking forward to more photo's in the future :)


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