Thursday, April 5, 2012

I Love My (Darned) Chickens!

I love my chickens.
You know I do.
But, I swear, these gals make me crazy at times.

If you have chickens, then you will agree with me...
they can be the most destructive birds ever!
Put simply....chickens and gardens do not mix!

We have painstakingly (twice already this year) mulched around 
our orchard and our 100 blueberry plants.
Why twice?
Because the chickens have removed the mulch....twice.

So, now we must do it again.

Hubbs had the idea to put a fence around the blueberry field to keep the chickens out.
I fear they will find the end of the fence and find their way in...
given enough time.

We shall see!

Chickens love dirt baths and will dig around the roots of an old tree to find fresh dirt.
We placed about a foot of mulch around the base of Job, our 200 year old pine...
in an effort to thwart this destructive process.

And the apple trees in our orchard....

darned chickens!

So when I'm not doing regular chores, or seasonal chores,
or cleaning up after these chickens,
then perhaps you will find me doing a fun project like...

painting a new entrance sign, or working in our newly remodeled greenhouse.

I've even found enough time to make several new aprons for my Etsy shop.
Now, if I could just find the time to photograph them and get them into the shop!'s something of which I am always a little short!


  1. They looked like they were having fun though, lol!

  2. Our chickens do the same and we just put up chicken wiring around each tree so the chickens can still range free around them. We also give them "spots" where we have just dirt under the shade of trees. They take to that.

  3. It amazes me, all that you get accomplished. I have less than half the animals here that you do! My chickens thankfully have not figured out how to get at my gardens. I hope they remain clueless :-)

  4. Oh yes, the chickens:-) We call ours The Inspectors because they show up at every job, ready to go to work in case we've left anything undone (in their eyes).

  5. Been there, done that! I call them "little rototillers" !

  6. We have decided to keep the chickens penned during the growing season. They do make a mess if left out!
    I can't believe how much you get done. The sign is beautiful!

  7. Yes, my adorable, darling, "darned" girls can do all sort of rearranging! Last year I had no corn in the garden, wonder who ate "all" the seedlings? Last night in the light rain I was trying to do some weeding and boy did I have help. I think they were enjoying the fresh turned dirt I was creating. Taking a break from there destruction. Good luck with the fencing. At least it should to high enough. Hint, 4 ft. don't work! Enjoy the remainder of your week, Hugs!

  8. Oh yeah, I can relate. I have devised all manner of "plant protection" barriers to keep out the chickens, but they are relentless! I just bought a book entitled "Free-Range Chicken Gardens".. "how to create a beautiful chicken friendly yard" I doubt it will have any info I haven't already learned on my own, but we shall see.
    WOW< you are some SERIOUS farmers. I only have 2 blueberry bushes but you have an entire orchard!

  9. Hey, been there, done I have decided to give the girls less 'walkabout' time. I was letting them out nearly all day...they were getting into too much trouble! lol I will start letting them out after lunch..they have until about 8.

  10. Opps, your sign is just are so talented!

  11. What about mini fences around the trees? That way you don't have to fence off such a big area. I LOVE your new sign. Can you please paint me a sign too?

  12. I remember the chickens we had on our hobby farm , mum was always chasing them out of our gardens and had to cage our veggie garden to keep them out ! Love your sign . Happy Easter weekend to you all !

  13. I remember the chickens we had on our hobby farm , mum was always chasing them out of our gardens and had to cage our veggie garden to keep them out ! Love your sign . Happy Easter weekend to you all !

  14. Your new sign looks wonderful..I don't have chickens but the robins are just as bad..

  15. Beautiful set up. I hope the eggs offset the additional work the hens create for you.


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