Friday, April 6, 2012

Happy Easter!

We are in the midst of the most incredibly beautiful Spring that I can ever remember!
A string of crystal clear blue skied days has been the back drop for the most
incredible burst of blossoming color you can imagine.

Every tree and shrub is shouting its vernal "Hallelujah".
I'm telling you, the farm is just a flurry of rebirth!

Our beehive is overflowing with honey...
an unprecedented amount with this early burst of Spring!

We've been getting so many projects completed...
and boy, does that feel good!

I hung the sign I just finished, and have one more in the works.

I mulched our blueberries with tanbark....
and a crew of two...

who rested more than they worked!

I thought I would give you the weekly Pete update.
Happily, Pete has started to retract his man parts...
in this picture they are dropped, but it is a wonderful thing 
that he has the ability to once again retract them.
The swelling is almost completely gone now.

And you can see he has started to gain weight nicely... his back is no longer so sunken
and his ribs are no longer sticking out!
He's also starting to act more like a around his pasture in the mornings.

Becky floated (filed) his teeth yesterday.
Her comment: "Those were the worst looking teeth I have ever seen!"

Next item on the Spring project list....
brush and shed the fainting goats (see Missy's coat around her rump area).

They all look like they have the worst dreadlocks.

A shedding blade and a little elbow grease will help these gals to become presentable once again!!

Yes, this goat only has one eye.
That's One Eyed Myrtle!

Have a wonderful weekend and a perfect Easter!
We are to have continued sunny skies here in the Northeast...
perfect weather for the Easter Bunny to hide his eggs!


  1. And here I just thought Myrtle was winking at me! She's cute.

    Love your sign!!

  2. A bit of frost in the morning here but other then that sunny blue skys and warm . Wonderful photos . Pete is looking so much better I am happy to see he is improving . Hope you and your clan have a wonderful Easter weekend !

  3. It's still a little chilly in Connecticut, but everything is singing spring here too....

    Love those goats!..especially one-eyed myrtle.

  4. Could I be part of your work crew???
    Happy Easter to everyone at the farm..

  5. Cute, cute picture of Myrtle and look at Pete! Send some of that sunshine my way, please! The weatherman said it was suppose to be nice this Easter weekend. but now he is changing his mind, ugh!

    Happy Easter to you and your family!

  6. Still frost on the ground over here... I so covet your dandilions! My cherry trees leaves where starting to open & this morning I found them covered in frost,,,oh dear!
    I suspect we are going to have another year like last year, where "Spring" doesn't arrive until June! So much for my April Sweet Peas gracing my table this Easter!
    I just might have to hitch up my lil trailer and come live with you if we get to many more years of this kind of weather! lol!
    hugz & Wishing you and yours a most Blessed Easter.

  7. Happy Easter!
    Linda in MS

  8. Now for the strangest thing I said today - Yeah for Pete's weewee! What a horrible summer it would be if he could not get it back in the sheath. The flies would just be so annoying for him down there. And he looks so great. It really warms my heart.

  9. Have a wonderful weekend..Happy Easter! Have some chocolate in the sun for me!

  10. Oh,oh,oh . . . I'm not a horse person (tho my daughter is and is a therapeutic riding instructor at her college) but I couldn't be happier to visually SEE that Pete is getting a new life! I can tell he has gained weight, and it seems his coat is already starting to look better. And to hear his man parts are healing, and he is running around the meadow . . . ! Thanks for keeping us updated. Thanks for making my day! Happy Easter to all.


  11. . . . and your sign is perfectly lovely!


  12. Myrtle is quite the cutie! Have a wonderful Easter!

  13. Pete was such a lucky horse to have found you all! He IS looking better!
    Thanks much for putting a smile on my face every time I read your blog.
    Happy Easter to yu and your family!

  14. Thanks for you update on the white horse. He is looking much better. He's lucky to be in your care.


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