Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Feathers and Fur

My new little guinea keets are doing quite well...
at least the ones that remain.

Apparently the first day after their arrival, several escaped through a crack beneath the brooder door.
(a very tiny crack)
We would never have known it (without counting),
save for the fact that Sammy had one in his mouth....
twice...two different chicks.
He has a very soft mouth, and so the chicks were unharmed.
We surmise he found them running around outside the henhouse and gently picked them up.

So, to his credit, he ended up saving two chicks that surely would have perished in the cold night air!
Needless to say, the crack is covered now...
and the keets are big enough that they no longer fit.

Every morning I stop by the pond to feed the ducks.

For the past several weeks, there has been a pair of wood ducks on the pond when I arrive.
These tiny, shy ducks fly away when they see me, so I never get a picture of them.
Last year Hubbs put wood duck houses near the pond.

I just noticed through my camera lens, that this box has nesting material in it.

Perhaps Mr. and Mrs. Wood Duck have moved in!
I will try to stealthily snap their picture.

In case you were wondering how the comings and goings of the donkey girls has been....
they both happily go out to graze now.

Coming back in, however is a different story.
Patience is something of which I will have to keep an extra supply!

Little Leo is doing just fine after his surgery (see yesterday's post).
He is no longer limping on his back leg.

And here is my most loyal friend of all...Sadie,
our 8 year old Bernese Mountain Dog.
Sadie is the quirkiest dog I have ever owned,
but she is also the most fiercely loyal.
She often accompanies me on trips to the mailbox or garden.
And if she doesn't walk the entire way,
she sits here and waits for my return trip.

(This picture is for you, June!)


  1. All's well on the farm ! Thats great to hear. Lovely photos glad the donkey girls can go into the pasture now. I had a dog that would catch the chicks if they got away she to had a very soft mouth , she was a hunting dog a Hungarian Vizsla they are so gentle ! Hope there will be baby wood ducks ! Have a good day !

  2. Sam cracks me up..what a charater he Trust him to capture your little
    Your donkey pictures are a hoot!! Never a dull moment. I am sure you are grinding your teeth lol..over there attitude at times.
    Thank you June for asking for a picture of Sadie..oh my such a regal gal.
    Enjoy the day..we are also getting the nasty weather. Today is supposed to start our clearing weather..thank heavens.

  3. Beautiful dog. Can't wait to see the little guinea keets all grown up.

  4. Be still my heart, my love! You made my day today with that wonderful picture of Sadie. I'm glad to see Leo is doing better! Good Boy Sam, gentle mouth and so helpful. Off to work I go with a big smile on my face, love you Sadie!!!

  5. Glad Leo is doing better! And what a gentle dog to save the babies. Life in the country in the spring is magical to me. I love living with all my critters and you look like you do too.

  6. Oh how I love my morning visits to the farm!!! I am a huge birding enthusiast, and have been trying to get wood duck photos for years. Finally, I spotted them on my Mom's lake. The photos were not good, but I got them. I put a duck house up on my property, and a beehive moved in!! Had to pay someone to remove it. We have had a pair of mallards trying their best to move into our pool and call it home. I chase them out every morning. I don't want duck doo in my cement pond!!!! Sadie is gorgeous. Australian Sheppard? Glad all the keets didn't get out. How many did you lose?
    Do you no longer update your other blog?
    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Sounds like all is well on the farm..Dear Sadie..what a sweetheart she is..Good job Sam...Looking forward to Wood Ducklings...I saw Quackers and her brood there are nine..Too cute..Now they have necks...


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