Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Here's how things are looking in the maternity ward....




absolutely no babies, yet.
Poor Sissy is as wide as she is long,
and the view from above her
is that of a goat who swallowed a giant football!

And so we patiently wait.
And wait.
And wait.

But while we are waiting, there is so much to keep us busy.

Have I mentioned that I am hopelessly in love?
I'm sure I must have!

I spent a part of yesterday afternoon brushing these gals.
They were eating a little hay;
but while I brushed they stopped eating and held perfectly still.
Such sweethearts...they just melt my heart!

Today Becky and I will be trailering Moonbeam and Sid for a lesson.
Let's hope it is uneventful.
But I guess it "Depends"....if you have been following my blog....
you will know this is a joke!
Wish me luck and dry pants!


  1. Those girls are too adorable! Glad you liked the post, check back later for more comments...lol! The goats look content to wait it out, I can tell everyone is anxious for new babies!

  2. LOL Oh yes... wishing you arid pants! LOL And if we could have farm animals in our neighborhood I would sooo have a mini donkey. My sis loves hers too just as you do. Soooo sweet!

  3. I hope you had a great ride today !! The girls are so beautiful

  4. You'll do fine with Moonbeam ! Cant wait till the goats have their babies. I just love the mini donkies they are sooo cute ! Have a good day !

  5. So the waiting game is still on! I guess you will just have to put some loving on all the rest of your farm family! Yes, have a safe ride and have fun!

  6. All of your animals must bring you so much joy. They are precious indeed. Hope you aren't waiting too much longer for the babies to arrive:-)

  7. I hope that Moonbeam behaves and your pants remain dry..Poor goats must be uncomfortable...hope they don't deliver while you are away...Chloe and Daphne are precious for sure..Enjoy the day...

  8. The mini donkeys are sooo cute and sweet. I can't show my daughter, she'll want one. She already wants goats, but I think we have enough animals for now. Hope you have a really great ride.

  9. LOL Good luck with your lessons today Bev ....I guess that Depends on Moonbeam though doesn't it hehehe! I got it ;) The poor girls...these last few days or so must be horrible since they can't go out and I'm sure they're terribly uncomfortable. Your new little girls are so sweet...I love that they stood still and took it all in as you brushed them. You must be in heaven! Anyway...all the best to you and Becky...have fun and a good ride.
    Maura :)

  10. Hopefully you will come home with dry pants, lol, and have a good lesson!

    I'm so glad everything is calm in the maternity ward. I can't wait to see pics of the young'uns!

    I can see why you're in love. How sweet that they stopped to let you brush them. They must have enjoyed it as much as you did!

  11. New follower here...found you through Karen, The Vintage Bag Lady!

  12. I agree with Maura, that was sure a cute way to end the post. Sending vibes to Moonbeam to be real sweet today. I love the mini donkeys, just want to hug them to death. I feel for the goats as they must be miserable though you can't tell by the pics.
    Linda in Mississippi

  13. I love your pictures and animals. I would love some miniature donkeys, have never seen any so small before. Look forward to seeing the goat babies. I am your newest member.

  14. i pray your ride went splendid!
    i have only ridden 2xs since being summarily dethroned 18+years ago.. it's painful in more ways than one, i know. Your bravery & sense of humor are inspiring, Thank You for sharing your journey.

  15. Love the new girls.

  16. Sending good thoughts for positively dry britches!!! Your farm family is adorable, they are all so endearing. I look forward to all the stories!

  17. Okay, I had to scroll back (and I'm so glad I did - what a great group of posts that I'd been too busy to stay on top of :-(. I was riding the other day, gasping for breath - old, fat and out of shape! - and a fly flew into my mouth. It was the biggest coughing, gagging fit ever and all I could think about was "at least it was just a fly". Your story was so funny...and memorable...in a good way! :-D


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