Monday, March 5, 2012

Sweet Surrender

Prepare yourselves...
because when you see the pictures from this weekend
you will find yourself surrendering your heart....
to Daphne and Morning Glory(Chloe)!

(I am seriously considering changing Morning Glory's name to "Chloe".)

We trailered the girls the hour and a half trip without incident.
And settling into their new home was just as easy.

They are so very loving and affectionate!
And though literature claims that donkeys and dogs don't mix very well,
they were quite curious about Sammy,
and spent quite a long time sniffing every inch of him.

With coaching from me, he held very very still.

Maddie met the donkeys later in the day...
as you can see, she was busy tending to her piggies.

The horses were quite excited and introduced themselves over and through the fence.

One by one each of the cats stopped by for a visit.

Sunday afternoon we had a surprise visit from Tyler and his Mommy.
What fun it is to visit Grammie and Mup's farm!

The donkeys were very gentle with Tyler.

And they are just his size!

I am so thankful that cameras have evolved into the digital age,
because if I had taken all the pictures that I took this weekend on film...
it would have cost and arm and a leg for the film, not to mention the processing!
I have posted some of the extra pictures on the farm Facebook page.

So, I have to tell you...
I am hopelessly in love with these gals.
I spent quite a bit of time this weekend just sitting in a lawn chair inside the donkey's yard...
snuggling and snuzzling (what fun!).

These gals are the perfect addition (and the last) to the farm.
I know you are all chuckling in disbelief at that last statement.....
but I do mean it.
I'm done.
I have reached "donkey nirvana!"

PS.....still no baby goats.
Those Mamas are in no hurry, it seems.


  1. Oh Heavenly Cuteness!
    The weather looked just perfect for Dunky cuddles!
    i'm absolutely the biggest Maddy fan...she's such a great mommy shepherd.
    GOOD BOY Sammy!

  2. The girls are truly precious!
    There's a donkey family down the road from us & I often stop & chat with them at the fence.
    Such sweet creatures!

  3. Everybody looks like they are getting Along!

  4. Just sweet pictures of everyone being introduced to the new additions to your farm. The girls really are very cute. Will they get any bigger?

  5. Oh the cutest things ! I would be with them all day every day if I could ! Awesome photos ! I am in love with these girls ! Have a great day !

  6. Seriously adorable! Especially with Tyler! Enjoy!!

  7. OH Bev they are ADORABLE! I love that these two are sisters or at least half sisters I think you said and have always been together. Your photo's are wonderful and I love the ones with Tyler...he's so cute. Have fun with the donkey's..I'm sure you'll be spending lots of time in your lawn chair with them this week and I look forward to seeing more photo's. Have a great day!
    Maura :)

  8. What cute donkeys and so tiny! Perfect for your grandson. Have a great week! I'm soooo excited that it's almost spring!

  9. Oh Bev..they are just adorable!! The picture tell such a fantastic story! Poor can see the look..come on I will teach you to play with Tyler is one lucky little boy to have so many friends to play
    Enjoy I do envy you your little ones..give them a hug for me!!

  10. They've won my heart, what cuteness!! Can I pick myself up off the floor now from laughing so hard at your statement, "the last". I've got it marked on the calendar as a historical day!

    I love how all your animals intertwine and are so loving to each other and so loving to little Tyler!

    Have a wonderful week with your new addition to the family! Hugs, June!

  11. They are so cute! Are you sure you won't want any other new animals down the line, you love them all so much! You need a new header now with piggy tails and donkey tails!

  12. I try to tell everyone how special mini donkeys are, but until you spend time with them, you really can't understand. Your girls are adorable:-). And I think you will find yourself sitting with them a lot. Perfect new additions to your very special farm.

  13. I doubt that they are the last addition to the farm but how sweet..Can't wait to meet them..They seem to already have lots of new friends.."Chloe" sounds good..Enjoy!!!
    I certainly agree with you about the digital pictures..So nice to be able to just take pictures and use what you want..delete the rest...Have a great week.

  14. What precious girls they are! Your grandson is going to adore them and they him. LOL Just wonderful.

  15. They are adorable! and so very tiny.

  16. I am so glad you added some donkey gals to your farm family. I must confess , my donkeys are my favorite little barn friends. They are so lively,affectionate and loaded with personality. I would certainly like to know how to keep my baby donkey's fur as finely coiffed as your girls. Mine looks like a little rag mop! Of course, she does roll in the dirt with regularity

  17. Bev I do have the most beautiful grandchildren in the world.....but you are so close behind me there isn't even room to breathe! He is precious....and so are the donkeys!

  18. They are just adorable! So tiny!!... My two minis are all I can talk the husband into, but I'm ok with that. Congrats... and just LOVE Maddie and piggies pic.

  19. Oh they are adorable! Just makes me want to reach thru the screen and hug them LOL I want one!

  20. Just lovely - they are too cute for words! A wonderful addition to your crew.

    Christina / SVG

  21. They are literally too adorable for words. I love their furry coats. You are so lucky to be surrounded with such wonderful animals. I wish we were neighbors. I would be the neighbor that doesn't know when to go home.

  22. They are AAAdorable! I have always wanted a pair of Jerusalem donkeys and yours look just about perfect.

  23. It can't get much cuter than Tyler and the girls....

  24. You made me laugh..the last additions to your farm...ha! They are so totally adorable! So cute and all the critters were so good with them!

  25. Oh my they are cute. But I love love love the name Morning Glory.

  26. Oh Bev, you know I love you,,,, but I am having a tuff time believing you when you say,,,'these are the last' ....
    I honestly believe.... it won't be long before some other 2 or 4 legged critter will work his/her way into your heart...and we both know that 'Noah's Ark was quit large',,,,and so is your farm & heart (Jack's too!)....
    Huz & squeals & snorts & grunts & baaac & baaas & whinies! ( I know I missed woof & meow)
    Miss ya!

  27. Your grandson is cute as a button. A donkey is a creature I want to add to the homestead. I look forward to learning from the information you share. The sure are sweet. You have so many wonderful creatures. I love old log structures & your is wonderful. Blessings!

  28. Head splort! (lolcat speak for so stinkin' cute that your head might explode ;-)

  29. Oh Bev, they are absolutely beautiful. They look so sweet and I know you are hopelessly in love. I love to sit in the field with my donkeys and have them come and give me gentle nudges and hugs and my favorite, nose kisses :) So happy for you all!!
    Amy from WV :)


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