Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Has Sprung!

After yesterday's sad tale,
I think you deserve a happier post today.

Pete is doing well.
Becky has been laboriously working on his "owwwie".
I sewed him another new sling... with modifications.
He is eating hay non-stop.
A little time outside to graze was followed by a much needed nap.

His progress will be baby steps, but so-far-so-good as he heads in the right direction.
Thanks for all your thoughts and well-wishes!!

The weather here has taken a major leap right into spring.

With temperatures in the 70's I have begun to work on the garden.
Sugar peas are in the ground, as well as spinach, kale, radishes and onions.

I put a coat of paint on a cucumber trellis that I built this winter and set it in place.

Let me tell you...
I am loving this weather!
Not to mention being surrounded by an unlimited amount of cuteness!

The baby goats are spending quite a bit of time outside playing.

All that play requires frequent naps, too!

Sammy has decided that his favorite friends are the donkeys.
He is fascinated by them,
and has learned that if he holds perfectly still, they won't chase him away.

I captured this moment yesterday morning and thought you might get a chuckle...

Yep, folks, we're big on hygiene around here!


tami said...

I saw your post about Pete last night...All I can say is God Bless You ALL for being the wonderful people that you are. I know he'll do SO well living at Bee Haven.

Loved the pussy willow pic and I have a "thing" for that acid green color you use everywhere too. I LOVE that color! I painted a bathroom acid green and SM was like "Oh my retina's are burned..."

But I do have my limits...I almost bought a pair of tennis shoes that were that color but thought with my size eleven feet it was a bit too much like a clown.

Cindy said...

So glad to hear that your newest addition is doing well. Poor baby. Thanks for the video, it's fun to see what your animals are up to:)
Isn't this weather great? I'm going to spend the day in the garden. Yeah!

Anke said...

I am so glad Pete is doing well. You are all awesome for giving him a home! The trellis you built is great! I've been trying to figure out how to support our veggies this summer and this seems very doable.

Country Gal said...

Glad to hear Pete is getting the TLC he deserves ! He will be up and running in no time cause of your family's love and care for him ! Awesome photos and video arent animals funny I remember watching the anaimals on our hobby farm how funny they were with eachother ! Have a great day !

andy said...

Weather is nice here too!!! That's great for us that love outdoors!!!! Have a great day

Junebug said...

Wow, look at Sammie, he is amazing how calm! Oh, and I love the crowing in the back ground. Yep, my morning wake up call to get away from this computer and get busy. Enjoy your spring like weather!

Karen Bates said...

OMGosh that is just too funny! I love how they have to cuddle(?)and love on each other and are so patient! That is the coolest video!

Ginny said...

Just read about Pete this morning. God Bless Dr.Becky and her family. Pete will make it!! Welcome Pete.

missy max said...

Early spring is getting us all going a little sooner than usual..Pete looks brighter already...Cucumber trellis.what a good idea...Sammy, like most dogs, just likes poop!!!

Ellen from Georgia said...

Really liked the video, I have a donkey he is a full size one. His partner in crime is a billy goat, and the goat is always playing with Buford's tail. Sometimes when Buford will sit on the ground the goat will walk on his back. I like your raised beds and really good idea about the cucumber trellis. Ellen from Georgia

Kris said...

I have to tell almost 5 year old grandson and I watched that video together, and he LOVED it!!!! 5 yr old little boy humor!!! Gotta love it. But he wanted to see that rooster that he heard too!!!

Melissa Plank said...

Good job Sammy! He's doing his part to make the world a more beautiful place!

kare said...

Yes! i was thinking Peters eyes seemed to be more open..not quite so pained. You Are Absolutely Mahvelous for taking such good care of Him.
... i've never liked canine scavenging...i understand it...butt, GACK.. you give it such a nice..;]...slant.
Happy Spring indeed.


Anonymous said...

I've read your blog for a while but haven't commented. Love those blue eyed baby goats!! Seeing Pete broke my heart. But he has landed in just the right place. Please keep us posted often; I need to see him healthy and nourished both with good food and love.



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