Thursday, March 22, 2012


Should I take it as a sign?
Just go back to bed, skip the day (as if!)?

When your dog greets you in the morning looking like this....

And you arrive at your horse back riding lesson with a trailer tire that looks like this....
(and did I mention that we were in the middle of NOWHERE?)
(Thankfully Becky has hauling insurance on her Triple A for trailers)

And during that lesson your horse does NOTHING you ask of him,
and considers bucking you off yet again....
Oh, and your trainer suggests that possibly you should look for a new horse....

Tell me...
on days like that would you hang up your spurs?
Would you go back to bed?

I considered it.
I did.

And then I looked up at the sky and saw this....

And stopped to snuggle with these....

And watched the antics of these....

And somehow life didn't seem all that bad anymore.
That's how it is on the farm.
Animals have a way of putting things into perspective.

PS....the part about the spurs....I don't wear them....just using poetic license.


  1. Oh Yeah...We've all had THOSE days. I had one yesterday and got posion ivy for my efforts. Cat puke, muddy dog feet all over the floors...gotta love em though.

  2. I just read a story on the sufferings of people in Iran who turned away from the religion of Islam for all it's cruelties. And realized, no matter what small problem comes my way, it is small in comparison. I'm glad you didn't quit : )

  3. One of those days and all you can do is smile for you know tomorrow will be a new day. It's rise and shine for me, except for the shine more lke 3" of snow!

  4. I work with children with learning disabilities. The most wonderful bunch of kids God ever put on this Earth. I rarely ever have a bad day when I am with them. Sometimes my face face hurts from smiling all day. So although I don't have all your wonderful animals, I know what you mean. There is something about the love from a child or an animal that sets you on the right course if you are feeling a little down.

  5. I am having one of thoses days now and its only 7:35 am ! But the birds are chirping and singing the sun is rising fog is lifting so onwards and upwards towards a good day ! Have a good one !

  6. I have been there. On both ends of your day - good and bad. It took me a couple years of beating my head against the wall before I gave up and bought an "old lady horse". We are having a great spring riding and I'm learning *fun* stuff for a change. Still have the cuties out back to play with, but am sitting on someone who I get off when *I* want to ;-).

  7. What a naughty pony. He is so cute and innocent looking tied to that trailer. Sounds like your trainer has a good point, it is not worth you getting hurt and losing confidence in yourself. You and your horse have to be able to trust each other.
    Stay safe!

  8. What happened to your poor dog? Did he get skunked and roll in the mud? I have those days too, it's rained almost 9 inches in the last 2 days and is raining again. My two chickens are not happy, the dogs are unhappy and the gardens are soaked. But, we needed the rain to refill the laks and ponds! Hope the rest of the week is much, much better! :)

  9. AWWWW, sorry your day started out so crumby...but you are live in a wonderful place with the best of friends!

    It's snowing again...we have at least 2 inches...glad you don't have to put up with this too.

  10. Awe, the muddy nose day! Know them well but yes, the animals sure know how to brighten them.

  11. Oh my goodness, if those two sweet piglet faces couldn't turn your whole day around, then I don't know what could! You have all the best healing and heart fixing little friends right there on your happy farm!

  12. What was Oakie in to??? Sorry about Moonbeam not working out..Better to be safe!!!
    SO nice that you have so much shared love at the farm..Always good for a boost when other things get ya down..

  13. Oh, My. It's a day like that for me too!

    I usually get a coffee, and turn up the music really loud on the way to work and say 5 things I'm grateful for and that does the trick.

    (Baby Goats would be so much nicer as a mood lifter!)

  14. Oh dear...sounds like this was one heck of a bad day. I was hoping your horse was done with the sounds like you're not ready to give up yet though so good for you. I can only imagine how wonderful it would feel going home to your farm after a bad day elsewhere....pure heaven. I'm glad Becky was able to get help fixing that flat tire. I hope this week is full of wonderful days.
    Maura :)


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