Friday, March 2, 2012

Happy Birthday to You!!

I wish I were reporting the happy birthday of a bunch of baby goats,
but alas....none yet.

No, today's post is a Happy Birthday tribute to the person that makes
Bee Haven Acres a reality.

Happy Birthday Hubbs!!

It is this man's unending support and enthusiasm for all of my crazy ideas

that has helped to make our farm the wonderful haven it is today!

His kindness and care for all of the critters on the farm always warms my heart!

Hubbs is the kind of man who put's the happiness of others above his own.
Doing so makes him happy. 
I have learned so very much from this man.

Happy Birthday, Hubbs....
you've made all my dreams come true!

Our weekend activities will include birthday celebrations,
as well as getting our donkeys,
and hopefully delivering some "kids"!

Join us on Monday for more "tails" from the farm!


  1. Happy Birthday to your wonderful hubby!!

  2. Happy birthday to your Hubbs! What a special man you have there. :-))

  3. Happy Birthday to your Hubbs. We share the same birthday. Please tell him I hope he has a wonderful and fun filled day.


  4. Happy Birthday !
    I will see ya on Monday ! Have a great weekend !

  5. Happy birthday! !! Boy that dog has it made in that stroller! !!!:)

  6. Happy birthday to the husband! Have a great weekend. I'm looking forward to all the news about it!

  7. I join everyone in wishing Hubbs a Happy Birthday! I'm sure this weekend will be a fun and a festive one. Hey, what more could Hubbs want for his Birthday but two Minis?

  8. This was a wonderful post Bev...Happy Birthday to your 'Hubb's' from our farm to yours! Sounds like it should be an exciting weekend around your place and we'll be looking forward to your Monday photos!
    Maura :)

  9. He's a winner , that's for kind and caring..You're one lucky lady..Happy Birthday "Hubs".

  10. I just had to laugh out loud. I wanted to be wishing a happy birthday to some goats, but darn it, it's just the hubby. LOL Happy birthday Mr. Bee.

  11. Happy Birthday to your wonderful husband. I am sure the atmosphere at the farm is what helps keep his focus the rest of his busy life. Something about our farm and house pets that just seems to calm our hearts.
    Have a great day!!

  12. I hope your dear hubbs has a wonderful day! There is something about a man that loves animals that just melts my heart. I am happy for you, Bev that you have such a wonderful husband and friend! I can't wait till Monday to hear what happened on the farm over the weekend! Have a blast! Meghan

  13. Happy Birthday & Many happy returns!
    Blessings & Buzz'z

  14. Happy Birthday to you husband!! Hope he has a wonderful day.

    Linda in Mississippi

  15. Happy Birthday to a wonderful man. I think you two were meant for each other. Hope we get some news on Monday.

  16. A dog in the stroller and pigs on a leash? lol! Your hubs IS the man! Happy Birthday to him!

  17. Happy Birthday! What a great weekend you will have :)

  18. Happy Birthday to your "hubs". What crazy ideas have you had????? I think they are all perfect!

  19. Happy Birthday Mr.Bee Haven!! What a wonderful guy!

  20. Happy Birthday to your Guy!
    Looking forward to the arrival of spring babies!

  21. Having a great partner is priceless. Love the pic of him walking the pigs.


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