Thursday, March 29, 2012

Buzzzzzzy Bees

With the advent of this early warm weather,
came the emergence of our bees.
I was worried at first, because the bees were out flying about...
exerting energy with no nectar to sustain them.
We, of course, were feeding them sugar water, but still....
a little cause for worry.

Isn't it like good ole Mother Nature, though, to take care of all the details!
With the warm weather came blossoms on the trees...
weeks before they normally bloom.

And the bees are nourished!

Spring time is a particularly busy time in the hive.
There is all manner of housekeeping to be done,
eggs to be layed, honey to be made, and brood to be fed and tended.

The bees bring pollen into the hive on their back legs in pollen sacs.
It is this pollen that becomes brood food.
So, you see, flowers are essential!

If the weather stays optimal, this should be a wonderful year for honey production.
It's a delicate balance...the weather... that is needed...
just enough rain, but not too much!

I have several packages of new bees and new queens to pick up in May.
These will populate the rest of my empty hives.
If only those bees were here now...while nectar is plentiful!

Yesterday was O'Malley's due date. 
We should have two new baby goats any time now!
Believe me, O'Malley is ready...
she's had it with pregnancy! 

And just for show,
I wanted you to see my lovely bachelor roosters.
They are Ameraucanas and quite showy.

They live close to the farmhouse and have never been exposed to the hens.
However, this picture was taken at the edge of the orchard, which is very close to the barn.
We just may have Rooster Wars in the next few weeks, if these guys get any closer....
I'll keep you posted!

Celery update:

After three weeks in water, I finally have two little roots growing from my celery stalk.
The plant itself continues to grow.
Meanwhile, the remnants of the old stalk are starting to wither.

Don't you just love science experiments?


  1. Bees are some of the best creations of Gods, as fare as I am concerned! Thanks for the post!

  2. Lovely roosters! Hurry, O'Malley, we're waiting on those kids! May you have a wonderful honey harvest this year, Beverly!!

  3. Great post and photos ! WOW more babies how exciting ! Yes mother nature works in mysterious ways ! Have a great day !

  4. I so enjoyed seeing the bees this morning and know they are doing well. Mother Nature does wonderful things. Enjoy your Spring weather!

  5. Poor O'Malley looks miserable. Hope she has her babies soon. I do love science experiments! I might have to try this celery one too.

  6. Love the photos of the hives and flowers. Hope you have a great production this year!

  7. Poor O'Malley...hope it's soon..glad things are working out for the bees. Hope it will be a good year..

  8. Love seeing your bees out and about. I am picking mine up in April. Can't wait!


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