Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bird Smarts and Smart Food

Every morning when I let the chickens out of their henhouse,
the roosters have one (and only one) thing on their mind!
They frantically chase the hens around, hoping one will oblige.

I've watched my hens adapt to this behavior in a very interesting way....

they get out of the way....way out!

Yes, these smart gals take to the trees to escape the amorous roos.
Pretty smart, yes?

The ducks, on the other hand are not proving to be very smart this Spring.
Some of them have been laying eggs in the pond.
I am guessing that last year's ducklings have begun laying eggs.
I suspect that a few of them don't realize what is happening...
and drop their eggs while they are swimming.

Silly quackers!
So, every morning I am fishing water-logged eggs out of the pond.
(and tossing them!)

We are still in the throws of Spring weather...temps in the 70's by afternoon.
I am having a blast...early gardening!
The dogs....well, they always have fun....

I thought I would share an idea with you...
an idea that I found on that wonderfully delicious, albeit time-wasting, website "Pinterest".

Did you know that if you put the very end of a stalk of celery in water...
that you will grow a new stalk of celery???

It's true!!
Once it grows roots it will be planted in soil.
This grows so fast you can almost see it growing in front of your eyes.

Try it!
At the price of organic celery, you can get 2 for 1!


  1. The weather has been the same here I'm loving it ! WOW ! thats cool about celery I will have to give that a try ! Love your photos ! Today we are to get thunderstorms always need rain this time of year especially as our snow this winter had been scaress ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. I didn't know that about celery. Will have to try it. Eggs in the pond sounds like fun fishing. Animals can sure give us a lot of entertainment.

  3. I didn't know that, easy to do too!

  4. Bahahahaha! I was just saying yesterday that I wondered if ducks could lay eggs while swimming. I got my answer!

  5. I am going to try your celery trick. I so far have stayed off Pinterest for I spend way too much time just reading blogs. But I've seen somethings my daughter has posted, so the urge is there. Oh would I love weather in the 70's!!!!! Wet, wet, wet, snow, hail, thunder, you guess it we are getting it. No Spring here unless you want to make mud pies, not yummy. Enjoy your warm day! Hugs!!

  6. I didn't know that about celery. I'll have to have my daughter try it. Interesting science experiment.

    I'm envious of your weather. As I write , I can hear the wind blowing pretty hard and we're expecting more rain. Big surprise huh. We live in Oregon. But, I tell myself if we didn't have all this rain it wouldn't be so pretty and green.

  7. Love the news about celery! And we are loving springtime here too... as are the crazy pups who can't decide if they should be indoors or out or in or out in out in out. CRAZINESS!

  8. And people try and say chickens are the dumbeat animals out there?? I think mine are pretty darn smart!! Dumb ducks.

  9. What a great idea! I love that you are getting into the dirt! I can see how much you love it! Each Spring brings a renewal, a whole new game. Have fun!

    I am envious of your weather...enjoy!

  10. What a great tip about the celery! Have fun gardening, it's a great time of year!

  11. Thank you for the tip, will try it. Spring is also here in Ct,

    Annie v.

  12. Pond eggs..That's new!!
    I didn't know about the celery..Interesting..The weather has been perfect for outdoor work..Mollie started panting yesterday..She's not used to warmth yet...I might have to mow the front yard..The grass is 8"-10" high and we definitely need some rain...

  13. Such a lovely blog! (I'm going to try the celery)~ I'm a new follower ~ ♥♥

  14. And to think that I thought all I could do with that end of celery was throw it on my compost pile. I'll have to give it a try. Thanks!

  15. OMG! I had no idea you can encourage a 2nd growth on celery... I to will have to try this... what a fun thing to do with the grandkiddos too! (watch the celery,, not re-growth the kiddos! lol!)

  16. Funny Hens and Roo's!!!
    I have seen the celery thing on Pinterest too. I must try it!!

  17. Can I borrow a baby goat, just for a week or so?? They are to darling for words!
    Ducks certainly do not discriminate when it comes to where they lay their eggs, I find them in the creek, on the bank and even in a basket on the porch ( where a little orange hen lays hers each day)

  18. I hate celery, but I'm so tempted to try this.


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