Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's In The Air....

March winds have arrived...
albeit a tiny bit premature,
but nonetheless, there's something new in the air.

You can just feel it...

The gentle stirring of the earth....
a peaceful hum....
an energy...

quiet vibrations of renewed life...
finding their way through the tiny cracks and crevices of the earth...
then ever-so-gently taking flight on the wind.

It's that almost imperceptible feeling that Spring is just around the corner...
and new life is getting ready to burst into the world.

Have you felt it?
The birds have.

The bluebirds are nesting again.
Their songs have filled a once empty spot in the morning chorus of bird songs.

The ducks have begun laying...
leaving their daily offerings on the shores of the pond.

Even Ole Roy has felt the change in the air...

and the sunlight...
he's felt the warmth that has been missing for the past few months.

As for the turkeys...
love is in the air.

That love, however, is a double edged sword...
especially for Chuck who is odd man out at this time of year.

Each spring, the turkeys have a duel to determine who will mate with Edith.
And each spring the results are the same.

Tom gets to be the "puffed-up turkey bird" with all of its fringe benefits,
whereas Chuck all but loses his manhood for a while.

You might notice how each of their faces and snoods have black spots.
These are the bruises and wounds left from an almost lethal fight
over mating rights....
a fight that left Chuck almost asphyxiated.
In the midst of their duel,
Tom had Chuck by the beak and had twisted his head around until there was
a kink in his neck...cutting off his air flow.
Had Hubbs not broken up this fight, Chuck would surely have passed out.

After a few weeks of this dominant/submissive posturing,
Edith will begin laying eggs and nesting,
and the boys will go back to just being boys once again.
For now, though, it looks like Chuck will have to be content playing second fiddle to Tom.

Why is Moonbeam smiling???
Because there are only 4 more days until our mini donkey girls arrive!!  


  1. Now the song, "Love is in the air", is stuck in my mind! LOL Have a blessed day!

  2. I think I should come over and give Chuck a hug.... He looks sooooo sad to not have a girlfriend. :-((

  3. Yes Spring is on it's way in 21 days WOOOHOO ! Awesome post and photos , cant wait for the mimis to arive . Do they have names yet ? Have a good day !

  4. Beautiful photos Beverly! Those guys! mini donkeys--how fun-can't wait!!

  5. I know I'm getting the spring fever bug !!!!!! HAVE A GREAT TUESDAY!!!!

  6. Oh my gosh Moonbeam, your smile is outrageous! I have Spring Fever so bad and can't do a thing about it but read blogs and enjoy! I can't wait for the first pictures of the minis! Enjoy your day!!

  7. I was feeling the coming spring yesterday too! I heard some red wing blackbirds and it just sounded like spring. I'm getting excited!

  8. You are right --there is SOMETHING in the air--we have felt it too! We have seen more bird activity and there is a softer feel to the air.--Jan

  9. Moonbeam has lovely teeth. :) No signs of spring here. Not even the daffodils have bloomed yet. But the days are getting longer and I know it's not too far away.

  10. Bird love can be dangerous. Good thing your husband was there to intervene.

  11. Poor Chuck..glad Hubs was there to rescue him..that would have been tragic..I guess there's lots of stuff in the air right now..Soon it will be pollen...Can't wait to see the girls..

  12. Did you see the spring in Ole Roys step???

  13. Poor CHUCK!!! What a shame that he always has to take second place...but I guess that's 'pecking order' in the scheme of things. Thank goodness your hubby saw the fight and broke it up! Well no wonder Moonbeam is smiling...I'll be watching for the post announcing their arrival :) Hope your day is a good one...it's a windy but warm day here at our little farm on the prairie. :)

  14. Aww, poor Chuck. Maybe you need to get him a girlfriend! Can't wait to meet the girls!

  15. Oh, my, I had no idea things got that rough. Poor baby.

    Can't wait for the new cuties!


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