Friday, February 17, 2012

It Won't Be Long Now....

The winter is passing so quickly.
And we are heading into one of my favorite times...
kidding season.

The first of our fainting goats is due in early March.

So, final preparations are being made.
Ordinarily the girls each have their own little house.

During kidding season, however, they share a large shed
that is set up with three birthing stalls.
The shed is equipped with video surveillance...
making it easier to monitor when a doe goes into labor.

Yesterday we gave the girls their pre-delivery immunizations
and wormed them in preparation for their move into the maternity ward.

The girls were reluctant to leave their little houses, though,
as the weather had turned a bit nasty.

Ritz crackers are their favorite treat,
so we use them to entice the girls out of their houses.

Even a little sleet won't keep the girls from a yummy Ritz treat!

"Maybe if I just stretch a little further, I won't have to come the whole way out!"

Finally, they were overcome by the temptation.
Each girl was give her injection.

Then her hooves were trimmed.

And finally, the worming medicine.

I am so excited to share kidding season with you!
You will come to the same conclusion that I have...
and that is...
there is nothing any cuter than a newborn baby goat!
Just'll see.

And then the antics begin...
and for several months these kids will delight and entertain us with 
 their incredibly adorable personalities,
and their hops, skips and jumps!


  1. We are heading into our first kidding season and couldn't be more excited. We've finished the birthing stall. We gave it a trial run with the mothers-to-be, and they hated it. They cried and cried. Hopefully when they have beautiful little kids in their with them, they'll forget about being away from the rest of the herd. I love the blue eyes on the reddish goat, just stunning. One of our expectant mothers is a blonde and white Nigerian with blue eyes.

    What are you vaccinating them for? Good luck with your kidding!


  2. You have got me excited to here cant wait to see the new little ones either ! Your girls arent the only ones that like Ritz crackers we found out that camping so does Racoons got in out tent he actually unzipped it whilst we were trying to sleep I actually was awake and just watched him and he stoll the entire box not Papas boring plain crackers but my cheese crackers and out he went sat just in the woods behind out tent looking at us just a munching away ! Guess his favs were cheese lol Awesome photos and post ! Have a great day !

  3. I can't wait, either! I get giddy just thinking about the adorable babies on the way.

  4. Nothing cuter then little kids, both kinds! I'm sure their is a little boy kid that will be out to enjoy them also. Then you will have double the kid fun! Sending Hugs!

  5. So you will be a grand nanny? Just kidding! Opps, can't help myself.


  6. I am excited right along with you Bev. I love watching goats play. Not a care in the world.

  7. Can't furry babies...Enjoy your weekend..

  8. How can you not luv them?
    Gary want's a LaMancha... could possiblly happen... maybe I had better start stocking up in 'Ritz' now!

  9. I have a question for you: can I come and stay with you JUST so that I can come and love on your "farm"?!? Please? For a few months?

    I love your blog and my heart melts every time I see pictures of your animals. They are all so adorable!

  10. I cant wait to see the new little ones !!!!!

  11. I'm doing the moving around now for kidding prep as well. I really wish I had a birthing building. Some day... Hope all your kidding goes well.

  12. I'm doing the moving around now for kidding prep as well. I really wish I had a birthing building. Some day... Hope all your kidding goes well.

  13. That photo with the bug eyes for a Ritz is priceless! I just love your goat stories and I'm looking all over for a farm stay vacation where I can learn about goats and maybe cheese making. Love them!

  14. First time stopping! I really enjoy your blog and will be coming back to read more. Come enter my seed give away on my blog at:

  15. I can't wait to see them again this year! When I speak of your farm to my hubby I always remind him of the video of the cute little boy watching the goats jump all around him...even on his mommy's knee and he remembers your blog ;)


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