Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Is It Too Much To Ask?

You would think that by taking such good care of your animals...
spending countless hours each day providing for them...
keeping their welfare in the forefront of all that you do....

that for the small fraction of time that you ask them to cooperate,
they would be only too happy to oblige.
After all, you love them...
so shouldn't they return a little of that love in the form of cooperation
or possibly obedience??

Is it asking too much?

"HAH!" I say....
"Dream on!"

You'll notice that my dear Sammy is wearing an extra collar.
Yes, that is a shock collar.
I keep one on hand for emergency training....
like "no, we don't chase deer through the woods"
and "no, we don't chase chickens".

And usually, I don't have to use it at all.
And when I do use it, I rarely use the "shock" feature,
but prefer to use the warning "tone"...
that's usually enough to get Sam's attention.

So why is Sam wearing the collar now?
Well, do you see that ridge beyond the arena?

This past Sunday, Sam decided to visit the family that lives over that ridge.
He stayed for 4 hours.
They brought him home by car.
That was after many attempts at calling him to come home.
Monday morning the collar went on.

He hasn't left my side since.

Now for those of you who might think me barbaric in using a shock collar...
I assure you it is a very good collar.
It allows you to use a tone, or just the very mildest "nick" of a shock....
it is quite humane...and best of all, it is quite effective.
And Sammy is one of those boys who needs effective training...
or Sammy runs amok!

Do you see this sweet eye?

You would think that a creature with an eye as kind as this would be an easy ride...
willingly obliging with anything asked of him.
Not this is the eye of a little stinker who tries to get away with 
anything he can possibly get away with....
from bucking to just plain refusing to do what is asked.
"I'm just too tired to do that," he sighs.

I have a confession.
After last week's bucking incident,
I found every excuse in the book for not riding this past week.
Yep, that old evil "fear" crept back into my bones.
That is until yesterday's lesson.
Yesterday we walked, we trotted, we worked on the basics...
and we never got beyond that because Mr. Stubborn decided he wasn't in the mood to work.
I have this one question for you, Moonbeam....
"What if I weren't in the mood to feed you?"
As if that would ever happen.

So really....
is it too much to ask for just an hour's cooperation every couple of days?

Oh, and the pigs decided to run all over the pasture yesterday 
instead of returning home to the barn for dinner.
Yes, they ducked under the fence to the right and ran around like maniacs.

I may have pulled a little of my own hair out yesterday...
it was a long day.

 I guess if we had complete cooperation, life would be dull...
which it never is...
at least not here on the farm.
And today's another day.

PS....3 days and counting....
donkey bliss is getting closer!


  1. Hi Bev, We have days like that when they all decide to do the opposite of what you expect especially if you are in a hurry! Sam does look like he's sorry though. I can't wait to read some donkey tales.

  2. LOL..boy can I relate to this post. Poor you!! Sam will be safer with his collar and you will have less worry. Way to go. Wish more people used them.
    Moonbeam is testing you. Bet your instructor was pleased to see just what Moonbean is like for you at home so she can give you more specific help. Man oh man animals can be frustrating.
    Looking forward to seeing your little ones. Dang they are cute!!!
    Hope today is a better day for you
    Keep strong Bev!!!

  3. Laughing...Oh Yeah, Sam looks contrite enough NOW doesn't he?

    And your little "stinker" Moonbeam...That "kind" eyeball is there to suck you into his evil plan. Wa ha ha

    Girl, your critters have got a BAD case of Spring fever. Piggies run amok!

  4. ROFLOL! Ye s it is way to much to ask!

  5. " Donkey Bliss... "

    Are you just a glutton for punishment, or - what?!!! hahaha!

    This last time Zucker went awol - he had his shock collar on. His little day of the "Full Monte" cost us almost $500.00 and a Saturday night at the emergency hospital in Knoxville - and a new collar. The romp in the creek took care of that first one.

    But this new collar has a much longer range. Cost more. But a LOT less expensive than the Vet bill!

  6. I just ordered a collar for my 7month old lab just so I can train him on staying on our property! I hope it works well

  7. I repeat a line--a word--from your own post: "Hah!". Fat chance....we humans must be content to serve in hopes of the occasional snuggle, lick, or peaceful ride...

  8. Our little Izzy hasn't escaped the yard in a while, but we too are considering a shock collar for her. Too many woods around here for her to wander off into and get lost, OR cross the street and get hit by a car. Yes... shock collars are for their own safety.

  9. LOL Some days you get the bear and some days the bear gets you! And they are such rascals when they are doing things like that. Our oldest dog Lucy got out one day and started trotting up the hill by our house. I was running after her (back when I was REALLY out of shape) huffing and puffing and she just kept turning her head and looking at me - and then going further LOLOLOL I finally caught her but man was I winded! LOL

  10. If you think they have minds of their own, just wait to the donkeys arrive. My miniature donkey is never the same any two days in a row (not a good thing). Try not to let fear of bucking keep you from enjoying riding. He will sense it and continue to be dominant with you. I know, easier said than done. But I have faith that you will handle your fear. Have a great day and hoping that the animals cooperate today.


  11. We have a shock collar as well and had to use it with Harley in the beginning. It didn't take long before she knew what was ok and what was not.

  12. We have a shock collar on Miggy as we have no fencing around the property just hedges as fences , if we didnt use it she would be touring the country village evey day and I wouldnt want that lots of dogs get lost for ever around here as there are so much wooded areas ! As for Moonbeam he just testing you to see what he can get away with you have to let him know whos boss ! Cant wait till the minis arive ! Do they already have names ? Have a great day !

  13. Oh my, what a day! Even the piggies were misbehaving. I am so excited about the new girls. Hurry hurry!

  14. Oh boy, more animal misbehavior...coming soon near you! Sorry couldn't help it. I have one of those collars for Dash. He never really wears it anymore. But with this busy road out front I am glad for it. I usually put it one him once or twice a year just as a reminder. He hasn't gotten a warning in a super long time..they learn fast.

  15. If Miss Jazi does what she did last weekend I may have to purchase one of those collars. I am thankful the tag she wears with her ID on it works, stinker! At your pain it has provided me a smile! Glad to hear you are back on Moonbeam, you are the boss! Let's hope it a smooth running day today! Hugs!

  16. Sammy looks pissed! And the pigs? Thankfully they didn't head over the ridge too. And you have named a donkey after me??? Donkey Bliss???? Well sometimes I can be a bit of an azzz.


  17. Actually, the arrival of the donkey gals is "bliss" to me!! Their names are Daphne and Morning Glory. They will be yearlings in June.

  18. Sam's expression is absolutely fantastic! He looks appalled that not only would you use this collar, but have the audacity to tell others about it! Love this post. I am so glad I found this blog. Shock collars used for the right reason can save a life.

  19. I am with you on the collar! I have the underground fence and it works great. But my neighbor, who has four dogs, has the same fence and a shock collar! is too lazy to put it on. And just the other day one of her dogs decides to come over and start chasing my chickens! She near to killed one when I got her away from them. Tore all the feathers off her back and had a few bites. She's fine now but could have been worse! Now "I" have a pellet gun and WILL use it on her! Just rude!

  20. those collars are a blessing. Just like children they all need to be reminded to come around once in a while when we ask!!!

    Annie v.

  21. Oh Bev,
    where would the 'giggles in life' be,,,if we didn't have days like these! ?! lol!
    And that is why we have 'wine'...lolololol!

  22. I drove carriages for years - pleasure and competition - and two popular breeds consistently stood out for being the most common - and for no reason other than sure orneriness - dangerous wrecks. Fjords and Haffies. They are short and cute, but very strong, too smart and not super honest :-/. Life is short. If you aren't safe and enjoying him, find something else.

  23. I really fealt bad laughing at your post today but it got to the point that there was nothing left to do...Oh my..the spoiled brats are acting like spoiled brats...
    I was wondering if your bucking incident would be a setback..glad you're back in the saddle (I think)..
    Hope you are enjoying this ugly day..Yuk...

  24. Shock collars are wonderful for training. I don't think they are a big deal unless people use them for abuse. We have one for our Great Pyrenees. We used the shock and beeping at first and now all we use is the beeper. He gets very clingy when he hears the beep.

    Most of the time the collar is lost though! He only wears it outside when needed, otherwise it is sitting or hanging somewhere, and we don't always remember to put it in the same place. The same goes for the remote for it. ha.

    That is interesting that so many of your animals were being ornery.

    Have you ever seen the movie "Buck"? About the guy who is a real "horse whisperer". It is on Netflix streaming, I had never heard of it before, and wow it was really good. I haven't been around horses in at least 15 years, but I really enjoyed it. I miss *my* good old days. :) I only ever got bucked off my pony. We later found out he had cancer which was probably why he didn't like any one on his back the last year of his life.

    I cannot wait to meet the newbies! I love donkeys. ♥

  25. Mama said there'd be days like that. Smile like you love it 'cause it's gonna happen.

    Jim from Texas

  26. I have a rooster I have told that I would like to put a shock collar on him. I spent a hour trying to catch him today to put him in for the night. The hens are easy to heard into the chicken coop for the night as long as the rooster is not out & about. He may end up in his own house. Happy piggies on the run. Blessings!

  27. Really they were just giving you some good stuff to blog about. As for your puppy, he is giving you the "you make my life SO difficult" look which we get from our Golden Retriever. Shock collars are not inhumane. Inhumane would be an untrained dog who runs into the street and gets hurt. You are a good pet mom!


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