Thursday, February 2, 2012

A Day Off?

Yesterday was another glorious 60 degree day...
one that made me long for gardening.

Having the day off from farm chores,
(thanks Jim!)
gave me the opportunity to get caught up with a few routine maintenance items...

like trimming hooves (on all 5 equines).

I worked from littlest to biggest....

trimming hooves....

with the necessary supervision, of course....

clipping bridle paths....

and grooming manes and tales...

The mini's had a "butt bath", as a bout of diarrhea had left them both a mess.

Four hours later, the two minis and two ponies were beautiful.
Donnie was quite proud of himself and took the opportunity to pose...
(oh my, what a chubby belly!)

Moonbeam needed little care as I have been keeping after him
thanks to our frequent riding.
I tacked him up and went for another ride.
(By the way, he is the perfect horse for making one's behind look small....
as his is quite large!)

While the horses and I were occupied,
the pigs spent several hours outside in the warm sun.
But as always, they are quite happy to return to the barn for a meal!

I stopped to visit the goats and give them a Ritz cracker treat.

Their favorite treat in all the world...

And as you can see, the turkeys are always with me!
PS...they love Ritz, too, and try their best to steal them out of my hand...
sometimes grabbing a finger instead!

I know this glorious Spring-like weather is just a tease,
but, I have to say....
I sure am enjoying the warmth!
Hope wherever you are...
you are getting a taste of Spring, too!!


  1. No spring here yet. I'm chopping at the bit. Actually we had a late winter. It's starting now. grrr

  2. 66 today 68 yesterday I love it but boy its going to hurt when winter comes back

  3. I want to borrow your horse to reduce the look of the size of my butt. Could you have him stop by my house tomorrow at noon please?

  4. Bev..send me your weather We are back into the land of ice. I only have 2 small paddocks to let horses you know I have been busy letting horses in and out so they can get some exercise. Both big fields are just a mess.
    Nice to have a day off I can totally relate.Fun to do other chores..the pigs are a them. Our mini's are also way to They seem to be able to live on nothing and get fat..ugh!!
    Enjoy your fine weather you lucky gal.

  5. Looks like you had a great day! Happy groundhog day!

  6. Looks like a perfect day:-) Where do the turkeys sleep at night? They sure act as if they'd like to follow you right into the house!

  7. The funny thing is...the turkeys follow us all around the barn area, but rarely ever follow us down the lane through the orchard and up to the house. They sleep each night in their own house....roosting about 4 feet off the ground.

  8. This video certainly got Mollies attention..Between the piggies and your voice, she didn't know what to do with herself..The horses had a spa day...lucky them..Are massages included or are they extra???

  9. I just love watching the girls head to the cute. Dash always sits up on the chair to see what the noise

  10. We've had BEAUTIFUL weather here in the Pacific Northwest too. Supposed to be "the rainy season" but I'M not complaining! ;-)

  11. oh Bev, color me "green"... I so wish we were having better weather... between the snow, rain, slush and freezing ice... it's just not fun to go outside!
    I would give anything to snuggle w/Leo, TomTom & the rest in their warm little beds...
    Adopt me! Please! lol!

  12. You were awfully ambitious on a day off. Everyone looks so clean and healthy and happy! We've had glorious weather here too, but sadly, I have a day job and we're expecting a major snow/ice storm this weekend.

  13. I just love your photos and videos , takes me back to my days on our hobby farm as a kid to see and hear the animals. I remembered when we called our animals for supper I would have a steel bucket full of oats clang the handle on the bucket and yell oats, oats , oats and all the animals would come running ! I miss that but thanks to your awesome blog I can relive my hobby farm days ! Thanks for that. Have a wonderful day !

  14. It's been beautiful here too in our part of snow yet but it looks as though we could get some tomorrow. I'll believe it when I see it. Looks like you had a busy day off from regular chores! Loved the piggy video..what a couple of characters they are. Always fun to visit your farm Bev. :)


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