Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Chicken Lovers and Pigs' Feet

You might remember last summer...
I raised two new groups of hens.

The first group were the Frenchies (Cuckoo Maran hens)
who included one orange Polish Crested Rooster named Henri,
and who were moved into the henhouse by the barn at about three months of age.

The second group was a mixed batch of brown egg layers,
who eventually moved into the largest chicken yard up by the goats.
After a week or two of confinement (which is my usual routine),
the hens were allowed to free range all over the farm.

This routine has assured that all hens end up in the appropriate house each evening at dusk.
Except for one.
Just one.

A little red hen, named Ethel, who wandered in search of the dapper young crooner
she heard from across the pastures.

Yes, Ethel took off one day to find her soul mate,
a young gender-confused adolescent rooster named Henri.
His pre-pubescent song like a scratched and warped record
was music to this young hen's ears.

They've been inseparable ever since.
And Ethel has never looked back...
her sisters still pastures away, she spends her days in Henri's company;
her nights roosting with the Frenchies.

She frequents the barn and daily lays her eggs in Ella Bella's bed...

Henri waiting just outside the barn for his sweetheart's return.

They while away the rest of the day scratching in the dirt,
and making plans for the future....

hoping for little red chicklets to complete their family.
(Sadly, the Maven steals all of their eggs and sells them.)

Thanks for all of the well wishes you left for MaryAnn yesterday.
She is feeling so much better.

An examination (not an easy feat with these willful, theatric piggies)
revealed a thumbtack in her poor little foot.

Dr. Becky quickly removed the tack and gave MaryAnn a tetanus shot.
And MaryAnn delivered her very best Oscar-worthy performance.
Take a bow, MaryAnn!

Hopefully in a day or two she will be healed and pain free.
Poor MaryAnn!!

PS.... MaryAnn thinks a Valentine kiss on those little pink piggie lips 
would make her feel much better!
Any takers????


  1. What a beautiful love story. I hope Ethel and Henri will live happily ever after.
    Glad that MaryAnn's foot (trotter?) is on the mend.

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Poor little piggy!
    Glad you found out what was wrong so now she can heal.
    So sweet, I'd kiss those lips!

  3. Poor little Maryann! I am so glad she is on the mend...no taker on that kiss here! That is quite the snout!
    What a love story....so cute. Back off Maven...I bet they would make the cutest little babies!

  4. What a wonderful love story...that was a fantastic laugh to start the day!

  5. O hope they live happily ever after! !! Oh I think ill pass on the kiss from pig!

  6. Smoochies to MaryAnn. A thumbtack, eh... has she been hanging out by your bulletin board again?

    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. I am pretty sure that thumbtack came from a sticky fly tape. Yikes!

  8. A love story for Valentine's Day! So sweet!

  9. It's the day of love and the perfect love story. Poor MaryAnn, and uh, I think I'll pass on those lusious lips. That's not quite the hunky sugar daddy I had in mind! Have a great V'Day, Hugs!

  10. OUCH ! poor MaryAnn glad it wasnt to serious and she will be ok ! Love your photos ! Happy Valentines Day to you and your family from our clan at Our Country Cove Life!

  11. I never knew chickens fell in love, although I tell my son his "girls" are in love with him!


    (read THE Crap book yesterday, some of that stuff wasn't so bad was it?)

  12. My favorite post of the day, without question. I shared it on Facebook for everyone to enjoy.

  13. I think Mary-Ann is saying "kiss me slobber lips - I'm thirsty"! As for Ethel & Henri - True love for sure.

  14. Happy Valentines day to you too!!!

    Carmen and the Primcats

  15. Nothing like a good chicken love story on Valentine's Day.

    Glad MaryAnn is on the mend. When is her cute piggy tail going to make it to the blog header?

  16. Oh, those chickens! I love that story and how fabulous to hear it on Valentine's Day!

    After fishing a mud and poo covered egg out of our run yesterday, that warm (and CLEAN) egg is something I'm jealous of.

    Henri is a killer looking rooster with that fluff of feathers on his head.

  17. Oh, I just love a good love story! Tell Mary Ann that I am sorry about her owie AND the tetanus shot! Double ouch!
    Bev, you know that if I lived nearby I would be over in a split second for my smooch from Mary Ann! Happy Valentine's Day! :)Meghan

  18. Sorry MaryAnn..no pink lip kisses for piggies..Bad Maven..stealing eggs..What a sweet story...Chicken love for Valentines day..

  19. MaryAnn, piggie lips,,,only a mama could kiss,,,, thank gosh, i'm not her mama! lol!


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