Monday, January 23, 2012

Wintry Weekend

After waiting for what has seemed like an eternity,
the first snow of Winter arrived this weekend.

Now, you may remember that we had a 6 inch snowfall
on the weekend after Halloween.
(Yes, that was the weekend we drove to W.V. to pick up our piglets,
and drove home in a blinding snowstorm....
but that was Autumn, and this is Winter!!)

Saturday morning Hubbs and I donned our warmest, snow-proofiest clothes
and set out to do the AM chores.

The dogs ecstatically romped through the snow,

with the exception of poor old Hickory....
the snow was as high as her back.

This was the first experience with snow for the pigs.

They curiously headed out of the barn, sniffed around in the snow,

and then quickly headed back in for dry bedding.

The turkeys thought nothing of the snow, and spent all weekend out in it.

The guineas, however, stayed inside the turkey house all day long...
never even letting a single toe touch the snow.

The goats waited until the last flake fell to venture out.

The chickens spent their day in the barn around the horses...
who never mind the snow.

After chores were finished, we drove the gator out to our campsite in the woods

to check on our tent.

We try to keep the tarp and roof free from the weight of heavy snow....

It was a beautiful wintry day....
enjoyed by all...
with time spent here...

when we weren't outside.

PS....I also spent some time this weekend doing this....

and this....

How about you...
how did you spend your weekend??


  1. I wish I had been as busy as you. We are all sick with that miserable cold that feels more like a flu. Your campsite is a dream. I love the tent and chairs out front. Have a wonderful week.

  2. What a great weekend you had!
    We pray for snow here in GA but so far only have rain :(.
    Love your pretty!
    And the girls even look cute in the snow!!
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. Much of the same barnchores, minus pigs and turkeys!... my chickens never came out of their coop either, which surprised me! ... love your horse pic.. looks like a nice easy trot...

  4. Look at the pretty snow! Great pictures, especially Hickory and the piggies! Snow noses are so cute! Enjoy your snowy chores but I sure the arena is where the fun is! Have a great day! Hugs!!

  5. A fantasic weekend you had ! I love your photos . Good to see you in the arena riding ! ? How many hands is your Haflinger he looks to be about 14/15 hands ?! My sister has a Haflinger Ziggy he is 15 hands they are a wonderful breed ! Have a great day !

  6. Moonbeam is 15 hands, and yes, he is the sweetest!

  7. Beautiful snow! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Work the some ride time thrown sounds wonderful.

  8. Beautiful snow! Sounds like you had a very busy weekend. Work the some ride time thrown sounds wonderful.

  9. You and Moonbeam look great..I spent the weekend shoveling, going thru old pictures (done) and other household chores..and Oh yes,football..

  10. Good Morning Bev! It looks as though you had a wonderful weekend enjoying your critters and the snow. Love the picture of you riding :) and of course your new apron. The snow looks wonderful...sometimes I wish we had some and other times I'm glad we don't. We could sure use the moisture though. I hope your week is a good one!
    Maura :)

  11. What a fantastic busy weekend for you. I love that you got time to sew! I did a post a lot like

  12. How fun to see you riding in your arena. We finally had rain this weekend. While the donkeys don't enjoy it, the chickens love to scratch in the wet soil. And we planted a few more bare roots so the rain is going to help get them off to a good start.

  13. I am only an hour or two further west than you and while it has been a strange winter, we still have gotten more periods of snow than you. I guess the snow hits that first mountain peak and stops. It has been one strange winter here in PA.

  14. Oh Bev, I love the pic of Hickory... her face says it all! lol!
    As for the Guineas.. I so agree with them,,, inside is good! lol!
    We to got more snow on Sunday... Gary has one of those roof-snow rakes like your's,,, to help alievaiate the snow weight off the roof. Worth their weight in gold.
    Went spent the weekend pricing out different types of corral enclousures for my "Girlier" who wil be up here in May,,, We also are pricing out enclosures/stalls etc... Soon I will be standing on the street corner, sign in hand, "will work for horse stuff" lololol!
    Stay warm and have fun sewing those awesome aprons of yours!

  15. We took a nearly two hour walk at a local park with our pups and some friends and then came home to warm up around the fireplace. I sure like your tent!

  16. That looks a lot like the weather we had here. It was a perfect weekend to stay in and get some house projects done.

  17. I lOvE the picture of Hickory in the snow!!

  18. Ooh, I love your apron. Your pictures of the snow are so much fun!

  19. That's quite the evil eye on your piggy girl there in the cold snow! i feel the same way about the frozen stuff!
    Can't wait for our 110 + summers here in Arizona.
    It's overcast right now...supposed to rain...but i doubt it:>

  20. What a delightful way to spend a winter day. Do you snowshoe? I am so impressed with your farm, the love you have for your animals shines through. What a neat idea, a camp site, I may have to give that some thought! Greetings from Maine, Julie.


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