Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Turkey Trot

I always like to start your day off with a smile....
so, here is the smile for today!
 (oh, and turn your sound up)

Hope you have a wonderful day!!
It is frigid cold here right now...
what's it like where you are?


  1. Ha! Love that turkey trot!!
    It;s cold here in NW Ga also but I like cold so it feels good!!

  2. Sort of a turkey waddle... hee hee

  3. Hi Bev..OMGosh..-24 and windchill..I am frozen. Everyone is in the barn. Today is looking a lot better so out they go again. Sure hope this does not happen again for awhile. Will take me a day to
    Love the they sure can move
    Happy New Year to you and your family. the new arena..Wow

  4. It was in the 50s yesterday and more of the same today. I like it much better than the three weeks of freezing before Christmas. Hoeever, if temps remain like this for our region, there will be more forest devastation from the pine beetles. Naysayers of climate change have not been to the Colorado rockies lately.

  5. still laughing...and he weather here?!! Hard to believe this winter so far. Tomorrow they predict into the 60's? This is SD and as you know or might of heard..we typically are under mountains of snow and miserable below zero wind chills. EVERY.Single.Day!! Nope this winter has been the oddest in history. Only one snow fall so far and even the ground is only frozen some few inch or two in spots. It is the oddest most fascinating, welcome Winter ever!! Wait...did I speak about how nice its been? Jinxed

  6. Run Turkeys Run! A good smile for this morning. We are in the mid 50's. Pretty mild with sun breaks and clouds. They predict this for all week. Our Mountain ski resorts are wondering what's going on. It's called good ole Mother Nature! Thanks for the morning smile!

  7. Ha! I guess they are making sure your not holding out on the Ritz ;)

  8. OMG..too funny..Frigid cold here too..18..stay warm

  9. It's 25f in Wisconsin, but it feels like 19f. Brrr.

  10. It's a beautiful day....sun is out!!! Probably be about 40 to 50 today! How exciting...wish I felt like playing in it.

  11. HAHAHA ! That was cute . Loved your choice of music lol they more like woddle dont they lol ! Thanks for the chuckle and smile ! Have a great day !

  12. Love those turkeys!!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  13. How cute is that! I love your farm...all your critters seem to get along so well. Keep warm!


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