Monday, January 16, 2012

Raw Eggs and Farm Security

I'll bet the title of today's post has you wondering!
It will soon be completely clear to you....

The piggies have stumbled onto a most exciting find!

Each day when they go out to their yard,
they immediately run into each goat house...
looking for tasty morsels.

You see, on occasion while free-ranging, one of our chickens
will lay an egg in a goat house.

What an amazingly tasty treat these raw eggs are!!

Just ask the girls.
It looks like I will have to do goat house inspections before the pigs go out to play!

While we were outside with the piggies yesterday,
we were visited by our friends (neighbors) and their dogs.
Two strange dogs on the farm sent the guineas and the turkeys into such a tizzy!

Seriously, though, guinea fowl make excellent farm security
in that they do make quite a ruckus when anyone strange comes around.
What I didn't get on tape, however, is how the turkeys kept chasing the new dogs,
trying to establish dominance.


  1. Yes they do , our neighbors farm down the street from us have Guineas and they make lot of noice during the day and when we walk by, they also like to go for walks and some times end up on our front lawn for a visit ! Oh our chickens on the farm would lay there eggs anywhere at times. I miss it all. But your blog helps me feel like I back on the hobbie farm thanks for that ! great photos , video and post ! Have a wonderful day !

  2. So true about the Guineas! We had some awhile back and they were very vocal about anything new happening on the place. They are all gone now and I haven't replaced them yet. Actually I kinda like the less noise!

  3. Good Morning, I like the warning system! I always enjoy photos and videos of the farm, starts my day off right! Here's to a great day!

  4. I do miss our chickens. Maybe more this year!

  5. Those are some smart little piggies!

  6. I wonder if the chickens would do that? I guess I have Dash for security...although he mostly barks at cats. lol
    Have a great week.

  7. I guess I should be thankful that they never chased Mollie..she doesn't stay still long enough..Piggie eggs...too you're going tohave to crawl in the goat houses anyway...

  8. I love turkey noises! Our security system consists of 4 LOUD geese, they announce every movement, every voice, and every stranger with unequaled vigor and HONKING>
    As for raw chicken eggs, even the chickens themselves love em. I often find "questionable" eggs lying about, so I toss them into the yard and the hens come running! They even eat the shells.

  9. Finally a day off and time to catch up!! Had not seen your piggie movie yet of the girls running themselves back to the barn! Had my husband sitting with me so he could watch!! hahahaaa- love your mini farm and would love one similar when we retire! Danny thinks it's like grandchildren - fun for the weekend but would want to send them home!! I've got my work cut over the next two years :-}}

  10. In ancient times geese would guard the Capitol and warn of impending danger even at night. It is nice to know that turkeys do the same. We are not allowed any kind of fowls but how I would love to hear that sound, the only turkeys we have around are the wild ones and they never stay around long enough...

    Annie v.


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