Wednesday, January 25, 2012

For The Love.....

"Oh, for the love of Dog!"
Did I spell that wrong?

This post is about dogs.
And stuff....gross stuff.
Which seems to go hand in hand with dogs.
If you have any, you know exactly what I mean.

Although I might paint a romantic picture of what farm life is all about,
don't be fooled.

As I write this post, my barn coat is in the washer,
because I just figured out that the large brown stain on the right sleeve was...
 barncat poop.
(If you have a cat, you will agree with me that nothing smells worse than cat poop!)


Back to the dogs.....

Every night when we go to bed, the dogs go to bed, too.
They each have their own doggie bed.
Sadie and Maddie, our big, exceptionally hairy, cold weather dogs
prefer to sleep in the garage where it is cool.

This is good, too, because Maddie has unpredictable anal glands that leak from time to time....
without warning.
I could write a post on just this subject alone!
Let's not go there, ok?

Hickory, our senior citizen sleeps in a bed in the laundry room...

it's warm there and a tile floor makes the occasional night time "accident"
(senile incontinence) easy to clean up.

Sam and Oakley sleep in their own beds on the floor at the foot of our bed.

They are our back up alarm clock...
always rousing us before the sun comes up.

Last night, for some reason, Oakley would not sleep in his bed
and instead slept on the floor beside Hubbs' side of the bed.
Sam, in his bed, kept making little growling noises all night.

(We figured he was dreaming.)
That is until morning, when we found the reason he was growling.
What is that lying on the floor in front of his bed???

Yes, that's it...a featherless, decapitated bird of some sort.
( might want to skip the next picture!)

Grosser than gross.
He was protecting a treasure that he had snuck into the house before bed last night.

Needless to say, we absconded with that and washed the carpet.

Later in the morning.....

He had found something else, equally disgusting.

I love my dogs; truly, I do.
But I have to admit....
I sometimes ask my self...
"whatever was I thinking??"

If I have grossed you out today, I apologize.
But I thought you needed to know the truth...
the whole truth and nothing but the truth!
PS....I love my dogs!

Pigs get a bad wrap.
Dogs are way grosser than pigs!


  1. Amen Sister! Love the last piggy pic!

  2. LOL.... ooooh yuck. And oooh, that piggy face!!... and now that I see the pig next to the cat, I realize how very small they are!... I just want two. Husband still saying no.

  3. I hear you about dogs ! Our Miggy is a wonderful dog but she can put even the men to shame with the way she burps and farts lol oh and she snors ! Not lady like at all . She is what we call a bucket mouth cause she eats anything and everything , so yeah I know exactly what you mean lol Great photos and post most people wouldnt admit this all goes on with their pets but it does ! Oh how boring life wopuld be with out all this lol ! Have a good day !

  4. Yuck , double yuck. Dogs, can't live with them. Can't live without them.

  5. Amen! Did you forget the occasional "kitty poo snacks" from the litter box? We have a Rat Terrier that fits through the cat door and sneaks snacks. I could kill him! For a while, as I'm cleaning the litter box, I noticed there is no poo? Are these cats gonna blow up?
    Good post. 8^)

  6. You are so right about dogs. What is with them anyway? Our little donkeys would be easier to sleep with than the dogs sometimes.
    Ohhhhh the piggie face.

  7. Ha, Ha, love this post! And we love our doggies so!

  8. I hope Sam's not going after your chickens...COuldn't tell the size from your picture but the legs look "chickeny"..Guess he needed a change of diet??...Yes, there definitely is a "Yuk" factor with animals..

  9. Oh how I can relate to those yucky surprises. Like you I shake my head at what we put up with and in the same breath go..I can't live without my buddy's no matter how gross they are at
    My BEST household toy is THE LITTE GREEN MACHINE By Bissell. I am on my second one!! It has saved my sanity with puppy training and other "odd" mistakes on the
    I agree the picture with the cat shows how small the piggies still are.

  10. Hilarious post...and that fog picture is totally stunning!!! Crop that and hang it on the wall!
    Love that last picture sweet...well, maybe not sweet that way...just cute.

  11. I have always been a cat person, no dogs. But cats in the country can be pretty gross too. Always leaving us presents and sometimes sneeking one into the house. Yuck!

  12. I hear you loud and clear! So funny - my dog recently found a big old catfish carcass and she brought it home, ate part of it, and rolled in the rest of it. Stank to high heaven! We could pet her for quite awhile without stinking, and it was too cold for a bath then!

    Guess I'm wierd - I thought this post was hilarious!

  13. I hear you loud and clear! So funny - my dog recently found a big old catfish carcass and she brought it home, ate part of it, and rolled in the rest of it. Stank to high heaven! We could pet her for quite awhile without stinking, and it was too cold for a bath then!

    Guess I'm wierd - I thought this post was hilarious!

  14. Oh my, the bird appears to be a decapitated, featherless pigeon. Dogs will be dogs, however, we just can't live without them! Our Vet bills are proof!

  15. Ahhh yessss, the grossness of our four legged friends never ceases to amaze me!
    Ugh just as I'm writing this one of the cats dropped a "gift" on the deck and the pig and the sheep snuck into the yard... Gotta go!

  16. Even better is when they find something dead and decide to roll in it before coming to bed!

  17. And what is it with dogs and horse poop?! Our youngest golden retriever occasionally brings some into the house. And where does she drop it? On the living room rug ~ the only rug in the entire house and she always puts it there! Gotta love 'em.

  18. I was laughing so hard at your post - we have three big black Lab mixes and gross is putting it nicely. They can clear out a room with a silent fart in a second! And they also "clean up" after each other in the back yard if you know what I mean. EEEEWWWWWWWW!!! But they are so darned cute and funny that you tend to forget about the gross stuff - kind of like childbirth LOLOLOL

  19. LOL! Yep, Dogs! Just like us guys! I have one of my own and the two next door are as good as mine! Elly is a Catahula and the sweetest thing, Until she finds Deer Pellets in the yard! She rolls and rolls, kind of reminds me of a chicken taking a dust bath. But she gets a bath of her own after her visit to the "DEER SPA"!
    Dodger is a black Lab and the only one I have ever see that hates water!? Whats up with that? He can clear a room faster then a skunk! and look at you with a "Whats your problem? Aw' come on back, it's not that bad!" look on his face!
    Gotta love em!

  20. Ha, reminds me of when Chelsea (standard poodle) brought in half of a rabbit. I knew cuz we could smell the blood! Little berries were spilling fromm it's open gut. That was a hard sad mess to clean. But I still love my poodle kids, all five of them.
    Glad to know this kind of stuff happens to others.


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