Friday, December 23, 2011

Merry Christmas to All!!

What a guy won't do to get a gal to notice him.....

Our chickens just crack me up!
Hope that gave you a chuckle, too.

Best wishes for the merriest of Christmases!
And may good health and happiness be yours in the coming New Year!!

We will be posting rather sporadically over the next week.
Our house will be filled with family and friends...
so we are taking a little blogging break.

Be sure to join us in the new year for lots more "Tails from the Farm!!!"

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Putting a Little Color in My Day

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas...

We remain in the midst of rain and fog.
Clear weather is on the horizon,
and the holidays should be sunny.

It's weather like this that I am so glad I am not a dairy farmer.
God bless them!

I had part of yesterday off, so I left the farm
and headed for town...
to do a little grocery shopping.

I spent a good portion of the day with Tyler and his Mommy.
We went to Monkey Joe's.

It's a gymnasium sized room full of blow up slides and jumps...
tons of fun!!

We had a blast!!!

What a great way to blow off a little pre-Christmas steam!

And it's certainly a little more cheerful scenery than this....

PS....Happy first day of Winter!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Winter Rains

The first day of Winter is tomorrow.
Christmas is in 4 days...
and we are in the midst of the dreariest weather!
Rainy, cloudy, gray....bleak....
not at all what we hope for during the Christmas Season!

I have to admit, though, this weather has given me the opportunity to bake and sew and
finish wrapping.

For the animals...
the rain slows life down considerably.

Most of them seem content to stay inside, munch hay,
and look out at the grayness.

Even the Nigerians stay in their houses at suppertime.
It's always amazing to see two of these plump goats in one house.

We used to provide room service for the goats,
however having to crawl to the back of each of their houses
 to retrieve their bowl the next morning
was enough to convince us to discontinue this service.

The piggies stay in the barn when it rains....
spending the day eating and napping in a soft bed of hay beneath their heat lamp.

Even our new barn kitty, Sophia has been outfitted with a soft bed
and her own head lamp.

Spoiled animals????

To our friends in the midwest....we are hoping you are surviving the snowstorm...
and are warm and safe indoors!

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Why Is This Goat Smiling?

Why is Smoochie smiling?

Because he's famous!!

He and Sally and Nettie B. are featured in a new book entitled
by Brent Zimmerman

Their pictures (from when they were younger)
are featured on the page about Fainting (or Myotonic) Goats.

How about that!!
Cool, huh?

Also in today's news....

We have dunes on the farm.
Sand dunes.

Yesterday, 6 huge dump trucks arrived full of sand.
Today the excavator will start to move the sand into the arena.
It will be mixed with sawdust.

And lastly, the pigs returned to the barn again yesterday without lead ropes or harnesses.
Such good pigs!!

Fifi has taken up residence on the workbench.
Each night I have to pick her up and carry her to the henhouse.
You'd think she would find a softer place to lay her eggs!

The addition of a blue towel has at least kept her eggs from cracking as she lays them.

It's funny, you know.....
I often worry that I will run out of things to share with you
(interesting things, that is)...
but it always seems that by the end of any given day,
something noteworthy arrises.
I guess that's "life on the farm"....
never dull.

Monday, December 19, 2011

Sundays are Fun Days!!

Yesterday morning we awoke to a light dusting of snow....
we had had some flurries Saturday evening.

It looks as if this will have to suffice for our White Christmas...
as there is no more snow on the horizon.

Since our Christmas preparations are complete,
we had the opportunity to just kick back and slow down this weekend.

After our traditional Sunday Farm Breakfast,
Hubbs and I headed out with the dogs for a hike through the woods.

Through the woodpile and out into the back woods behind our house
we set out with Sadie, Maddie, Sam and Oakley.

Behind our house is "the Holler" as we like to call it...
a beautiful patch of woods that the dogs love to roam.

The house is on the highest point of our property, so the land behind it drops down significantly.

From down in "The Holler" we could hear Bobby our barn kitty calling to us from the back deck.
My reply of "Here Kitty...." brought him running down into the woods to see us.

We hiked through to the other side of the woods and exited near the goat pens.
Feeding time always brings the boys out of their houses....

On the way back to the barn, we stopped to walk the pigs back to the barn.
Of course I couldn't resist an opportunity to film our little piggie gals for you!

                                  I hope you enjoyed another Sunday afternoon here on the farm with us!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Walking Piggies

A few days ago I shared a video with you about walking the pigs up to their grazing yard.
The video was all about the preparation...
with nothing about the actual walk.
Today we walk (ok, we run).

As a side note, we have stream-lined the "getting dressed" portion of our walks.
I have opted to place the harness behind their front legs,
rather than trying to catch both legs inside the harness.
With their portly bellies, this has worked just fine,
and is a heck of a lot less work!

Once inside their yard, I remove the harness and lead rope
( they are short on patience these days!)

Hope this made you giggle just a bit!
Have a perfectly lovely weekend..full of holiday cheer!
See you Monday for more Tails from the Farm.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Random Ramblings.....

We all know that Santa has a "Naughty" and "Nice" list.
We all hope to be on the "Nice" list,
but we all know those who we just know will make it to the "Naughty" list.

Well, it's the same around the farm.

A few are definitely on the "Naughty" list
and heading for a stocking full of coal.

Number 1 on the list:
Bobby (barn kitty)

Don't let that innocent sleeping face fool you.
Bobby has been a menace lately.
At every meal time, he stalks new kitty Sophia,
and pounces on her while she quietly eats her food....
sending her to the rafters with a bloody nose.

Sophia, on the other hand is on the "Nice" list,
as these attacks are unprovoked.
Poor's hard to be the new girl.


Remember the egg that Ella was sitting on last week?
Well, the mystery has been solved.

This little red hen has gotten in the habit of sitting on one of the cat beds each afternoon
and laying her egg in soft cushy comfort.
I sure hope the rest of the hens don't catch on!


Yesterday afternoon the dogs and I set out to do the afternoon chores.
This seems to be the time of day that everyone wants to come along with me.
Maddie and Hickory love the ride...

Hickory's only goal is the tasty juice left at the bottom of the cat food can.

Sadie keeps watch over us all.

And Sam and Oakley are always ready for anything fun.

Dogs love routine.
They always know when I am ready to go out for chores.
Excitement fills the air and five tails start wagging.
It would probably take me less time to do chores if I did them alone,
but how could I ever disappoint my best friends.
And so we all set off to the barn for our daily adventure.


Yesterday's adventure was trimming horses hooves.

I have received comments in the past about the fact that I trim my own hooves.
I keep all of my horses in natural feet and use a file
to keep their hooves in good shape.
I have found that if I rasp their hooves and reshape them every couple of weeks,
that is all they need.
It certainly saves on Farrier bills....with 5 equines.
(In the summer, however, I have Moonbeam shod by the farrier.)

While I was working on Red's hooves,

Ollie (the tiniest of our horses) was standing on his hind legs looking over the stall door.
He hates when his brother and best buddy, Red, is out of his sight.
(blurred picture, as Ollie kept jumping up and down)

Sophia, recovered from her attack from Bobby,
watched while everyone got spruced up.

So by the end of the day,
all of the animals are on the "Nice" list....
except, that is, for Bobby.
He's going to have to be extra good in the next week and a half,
or Santa will surely be leaving him a lump of coal!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Party Animals

Upon arrival to the barnyard yesterday morning,
I was treated to quite a surprise.

It seems that several of the animals were full of holiday cheer
and ready to party.

It was a fabulous party....with treats for one and all.
Of course I just had to take pictures to share with you.

Maryann was happy to wear the candy canes,

since Ginger had already chosen the mistletoe hat.
Anyone care to kiss the pig?

You may certainly join the celebration...
we have a few hats left!

Merry on!

Construction update:
Last week it occurred to me that we needed a horse weathervane on our arena.
However, I had not ordered one.
Since construction was almost wrapped up, I figured it was too late to add this,
so I resigned myself to live without a weathervane.

Low and behold, look what appeared on the center cupola....

It appears that our builder is one step ahead of me!

The outside is complete.
The gutters and downspouts are installed.
The water and electricity is finished.
As soon as the excavator finishes the footing,
we will be riding high and dry.
Now, that's something to celebrate!!


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