Friday, September 30, 2011

Chicken Poo and Tyler, Too!

And so the rains continue...
and at the most inconvenient times.
right at feeding time.

Henri can't remember the last time he had dry feathers for an entire day.
And with his wet head-dress, we can finally see that Henri does indeed have eyes!

And Fifi and the gals have taken to hanging out in the barn,
causing all manner of mischief.
I find trash cans toppled over,
and egg cartons scattered about,
not to mention the calling cards they leave behind....
little plops of chicken poo in areas they don't belong.

Rather than walk back to their henhouse in the rain,
where their nice little nesting boxes await,
they have been laying eggs in the feed room,
on top of the horses' hay.

"Did someone say chicken poo?"....
Yes, Sammy seeks out any sort of smelly organic matter for a snack,
and chicken poo fits the bill.

As for construction....
the equipment has not moved yet this week.

The good news is... next week is to be sunny and cool,
so, maybe there will be some activity on the arena.

I left the farm yesterday to visit Tyler and his Mommy in their new apartment.
We played,

and read, 

and went to the park... fun!
Tyler had his first big boy haircut!

Next week he will visit Grammie on the farm...
and we will have lots of great adventures to share with you!

Have a wonderful weekend!
I hear we are finally to see the end of the rain.
So, I might be sending it along to your house!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011

A Couple More Fun Guys

I was delighted by your feedback on yesterday's post...A Give-Away.
And happily, there were several of you that I picked to be winners.
Unfortunately, though, the weather did not cooperate
and we had yet another rainy day.

The strange thing is this...
it's almost as if the rain is on a schedule,
because just like every other day this week,
it rained all day long,
and by 3 o'clock in the afternoon,
the sun came back out.

Cabin fever led me out of the house to look for some fungi.
It is growing prolifically all around the farm with all of this precipitation.

Of course I was accompanied by a couple of fun guys....
(an odd and dog taking walk)

We came upon a wonderful toadstool.
Huge and colorful.

Wouldn't you love to shrink down small enough to use this as an umbrella?
Well, that's just what we did!

And while we were down there we came upon new fungi.
These remind me of coral in the sea...

especially this one....

When we reached the barn, I had to chuckle at this sight....

I think the chickens are tired of the wet.
Henri, Fifi, and the gals were all hanging out in the maple tree beside the barn.
In this picture the driveway to the upstairs of the barn is in the forefront,
so it is hard to see that these birds are actually between 4 and 6 feet off the ground.

On to the garden....let's see how astute you are...
What is wrong with this picture???

Yes, you're right, the turkeys are on the inside of the garden fence.
I'm not sure how they did that.
So, I opened the gate and happily Tom, Chuck and Edith emerged.

As for day 4 of the arena construction....
looks identical to days 1, 2 and 3.
Too soggy to dig.

So, although I thought the give-away an ingenious way to get rid of the rain,
apparently, it was not the best idea I have had.
I guess I will have to hatch another idea!
Until then, I will remain right here under my toadstool,
staying as dry as I can!
Just me and a couple of fun guys!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A Give-Away....

I am hosting a give-away (tongue in cheek).
The prize:  lots and lots of rain clouds, some thunder, and a large portion of lightening.
Just kidding...
however, I would love to share if you need any of the above!!

With the exception of the beautiful Monday afternoon that I enjoyed with the pups,
we have had rain, rain, rain this week...
two and a half inches yesterday.
Once again, the pond is overflowing its banks,
the front pasture is a swamp,
and the turkeys are sad and soggy.

Luckily for the goats, the sun came out for 10 minutes yesterday afternoon...
just long enough for them to enjoy their dinner,
and to save me from having to provide room service!

Ok, girls, there are enough bowls for everyone,
you don't have to all eat out of the same bowl!

Isn't Spider handsome?

This is the only time I can get close to Stella,
while she is eating.
She is one very wary goat.

And Audrey, "Tawdry Audrey" because she is the only 
colorful one amongst the Nigerians.

These poor critters had just enough time to eat their dinner,
and the rain started again.
We might never dry out at this rate!

Arena construction update....
Day 2: no change.....too soggy!

Rather than feeling blue about the weather,
I've been using this rainy week to do a little Fall decorating.

The dining room table...
pumpkins, leaves and dried peppers in an antique sifter.

My collection of scales each has an arrangement of gourds and sunflowers.

The fireplace....


Oh, how I love changing the decor of the house with each passing season.
I think I like Fall the best!

If this rain keeps up,
I will have much more to show you!

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Blue Skies and Buckets of Love

Yesterday afternoon I headed out to the barn to gather eggs
and do the afternoon feeding.

I had every intention of working in the garden
(and boy, does it need work!)

It suddenly occurred to me what a spectacular afternoon it was...

I did a teensy bit of garden work,
just so I wouldn't feel too guilty.
I harvested beets, broccoli, peppers, cilantro, celery, and sunflowers.

Remember that hugely tall sunflower that I showed you before?
Here is it's flower...

Have you ever???
I will pick out the seeds and dry them for snacking.

I also harvested our horseradish.
The plant had grown enormous over the summer,
and here is the root....

and cleaned up a bit.....

I will refrigerate this root and then grate little bits of it for use in recipes.
Looks like we'll need lots of shrimp to go with that cocktail sauce!

And while we are on the subject of prolific growth,
check out the okra as it makes its way toward the sky...

There are even new shoots coming out of its trunk.

If you want a plant that just keeps on giving...
okra is your plant!

So, instead of weeding, I sat in the grass and enjoyed the company of
Amanda, barn kitty Leo, and two of our dogs, Oakley and Sam.

What a love fest we had!!

I suppose the weeding can get done any day.
After all, there aren't a lot of these splendid days left, right?

Here's hoping wherever you are you have blue skies overhead
and buckets of love around you!
Have a great day.

PS.... at the end of Day 1, arena construction....
The equipment arrived and a little earth was moved...
very little.
Tomorrow is another day!

Oooh, and I almost forgot...
I've started my Autumn decorating,
and you can see it HERE.

Monday, September 26, 2011

This And That

First of all, 
I have to ask you....
Have you seen this fun guy?

Oops, wrong picture!
That was Leo, our new barn kitty.

I mean this funghi....

Have you ever seen anything this bizarre?
It is some sort of mushroom,
that Becky found growing next to her barn.

The stem is spongey and hollow...

And the top...
slimey and smelly...
disgusting, actually.

This is truly the strangest mushroom I have seen in my entire life.
How about you?
Have you ever seen one like this?
Do you know anything about it?
I assume it is poisonous...
and besides, you couldn't pay me enough to eat this one!!!

Today is a very exciting day at the farm.
We break ground for a new indoor riding arena.

This field, between the barn and the pastures...

will soon house a two tone grey steel barn that we will use for
hay storage, tractor storage, and riding in inclement and cold weather.

It will look similar to this, but larger....

When the weather is nice, we ride here....

and around our pastures...

and back this trail into our woods....

But once snow and ice come, we stop riding.
This new arena will give Becky and I the ability to ride all winter long!
And we are so, so, so excited!!

Lately, Becky has been busy constructing a cross country course
near our wooded trails.
She is building jumps, and ramps, and ditches.
This particular one is a work in progress.
There will be evergreen bushes planted between each jump....
Three different heights that will give the rider the option of running up and jumping off,
or approaching from the front and jumping up onto the top.

(Not my cup of I am a rider who prefers all feet on the ground,
and preferably at a rather slow pace!
The trails suit me just fine.)

I think this guy prefers to keep all feet on the ground, too!
I can't imagine a jumping Haflinger... especially this chubby guy!

I thought I would show you a bit of autumn around the house....
mums bursting into bloom...

pumpkins and gourds throughout the gardens....

And the purple beauty berry bushes are at their best....

This is definitely my favorite time of year!
You say I just said that 3 months ago?
And six months ago, too?
Well, I do love the change of seasons,
don't you?


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