Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Terrible Twos

Our sweet little piggies are now about 4 months old.

Judging by their behavior, that must translate to about 2 years old in pig years.
Just like human 2 year olds, these little gals can be just as sweet as pie one moment,
and the next moment be in the midst of a complete meltdown.

When walking them to their grazing yard,
they either drag their feet, pulling on their leash and sometimes escaping,
or they take off running with us in tow.

They are in a very willful stage right now and let their preferences be known...
quite loudly.

I took a little video footage yesterday to illustrate my point.
(Make sure your sound is turned up)
(Please note....no animals or humans were injured during the filming of this movie!)


  1. Ha! Those girls are a handful, aren't they??!!! So CUTE, though!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Somehow that looks very familiar to walking our pups. :-))

  3. Gawd they are so cute. What fun additions to the farm.

  4. Oh how funny! The sound of squealing brought my dog from sleeping on the sofa to wanting on my lap to see what that noise was. I wished I would have thought to video her watching the piggies! You have a talent to capture your tales of the farm. Have a great day, Hugs!

  5. That was cute ! Miggy sounds like that when she is excited to go for a walk lol she snorts , grunts and gets really silly when she sees her leash and shes a dog lol . Have a wonderful day !

  6. Oh what cuties! That's an excellent comparison, they DO act 2! I raise heritage breeds for pork, but I would like to keep two pet pigs. Kunekunes are number one on my list but unfortunately there doesn't seem to be anyone breeding them within driving distance. You can be sure I'll be following yours! Great post!

  7. Okay... I feel rotten. All those times I struggle with our 50lb. Basset Hound, Carlie, to get her halter on. I will never say one word, ever again. And YOU deserve a medal! lol

  8. OMG....Talk about terrible twos....Not so sure all the legs were where they were supposed to be but the job got done!!! Their necks are probably big and strong enough for choker collars...I can imagine that struggle...harness better...Hopefully it will get easier...

  9. They are cute! It's a good thing as ornery as they are.

  10. LOL now that was cute. Do you have to go through this EVERY day? I'm thinking you do since they probably go to their yard every day unless the weather is bad. I can't believe how big they've grown! They certainly don't hold back from letting you know they're not pleased do they...just think ..the teen years aren't far off. I'm sure you try not to think of that ;) Have a great day!
    Maura :)

  11. This is hilarious! Just switch out the piggies for weenie dogs and this could be our house. The leashes are even the same colors!

    The minute the harnesses come out of the closet, Bonnie starts barking (LOUDLY) and jumping up and down at the door. (Poor Clyde. After nearly 14 years of this, he's totally deaf.) Once we get them both leashed, they pull us down the driveway...barking all the way. I can't imagine what the neighbors think.


  12. Bev, Just wanted to let you know that watching and reading all of your blogs brightens my day. Since my dad passed back in August, I really have been struggling and "being at the farm" makes me smile and feel a little better. Thanks for all you do to preserve farming and enjoying the great outdoors. Being outdoor for me is my peace and since I cannot get out a lot, your little stories and blogs make me feel like I am right there.


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