Friday, December 2, 2011

Growing Like Weeds

Do you know what happens when you eat like a pig?
You grow like a pig!

And these gals have really grown.

This first pictures shows the girls on November 9th.
Notice how they are as long as the cage is wide,
and they stand tall up to 2 1/2 rungs from the bottom of the cage.

Here they are yesterday (this is how I transport them to their pasture....but not for long!)
Notice they now fit lengthwise front to back and their height is up to 3 1/2 rungs from the bottom.

These gals are growing like weeds.
I really have to get them harness trained.
It won't be long before lifting them will be out of the question!

Even though they have doubled in size,
they are still very sweet...and we just love them to pieces!

Here is another picture from yesterday...
That's Becky walking Sid and Ava out to pasture early in the morning.

Waiting for them, already out to pasture, was old Duffy.
He whinnied and bucked and ran until they were finally in their pasture next to him.

The funny thing is this...
if Sid and Duffy are together, they fight.
But take Sid out of Duffy's sight and he cries and cries for him.
Go figure.....just like siblings....
can't live with them, can't live without them!

Well, finally a bit of work is being done to finish the arena.
Our construction crew has been off all week for deer hunting.
A trench for water and electric was dug yesterday, and the plumber/electrician is hard at work.

And that pile of wood beside the barn....
next year's strawberry boxes.
No more gardening on the ground
(except for the already established asparagus patch.)

And lastly, my wish for you is this...
that wherever you are, you have a friend to snuggle with on a cold wintry day!

And if a friend is not available,
may I suggest a nice warm heat lamp!
Hopefully, though, you don't have such a scowl on your face as Ella does.

Keep's Friday!
Have a great weekend.

See you Monday with more Tails from the Farm!


  1. Have a wonderful weekend Bev!

  2. Have a very nice weekend and stay warm.

  3. Old Duff still has some spunk...The piggies are no longer piglets..They're "Oinkers"...Guess they'll never be "Hogs"? Seems to me that Ella pretty much always wears that expression....Have a fun weekend....(snuggled up to someone warm)

  4. This morning I wished I was still snuggled in. But it is Friday and looking forward to the weekend. Oh piggies slow down!! Isn't it just like kids they grow way to fast. Enjoy your weekend!

  5. Luckily I do have a pal to snuggle with...Dash. He kept me warm on the sofa last night...I was so cold for some reason.

  6. Those cute piggies are getting so big!

    Love all the farm animals and their 'tails/tales'!

    On cold nights, one of my black cats loves to snuggle with me at night.

    Have a great weekend!

  7. Wonderful photos and post ! WOW piggies are getting big, they wont grow a lot in hight will they ? Love the scowl on Ellas face ! yup we will stay warm by the fire with our girls ! Have a great weekend !

  8. Beverly! I read your blog daily and it is a true highlight of my day. I'm a huge animal lover and get such a kick out of your critter stories. Anyway, I noted on your last blog you decorated your tree with mercury glass ornaments? I'm in a club that sends out a monthly box of vintage-type "stuff" and my latest package had a big, heavy mercury glass heart in it. I have no need for it, but if you would like it for your tree, I would be thrilled to mail it to you? Let me know where to mail it and I'll send it on its way with good holiday wishes. My only request would be to give the sweet piggies a kiss from me!!???
    Thanks for making my day.
    Marcy Antle

  9. Those piggies are getting big. I really am jealous of the raised beds you're getting. That would make my life easier, that's for sure.

  10. your pictures made me feel very good! Loved the one of the horses in the distance!

  11. your pictures made me feel very good! Loved the one of the horses in the distance!

  12. It looks as though Winter is really setting in over there. It is supposed to be Summer here, but the last few days have been chilly and wet.
    Love your blog!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  13. We have the same separation deal going on here. Doc just is a mess if one of the other horses goes out for a ride or whatever..and he fights with "everyone". Great horse to ride..but a pain otherwise. Came in yesterday soaking wet..idiot!!! All because a mare went for training..geesh!!
    Oh your babies are really growing fast. Won't be long before harness they will grow out of those fast also. Love seeing the cute.
    Love the new arena...Wow..!!

    Judi B.


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