Friday, December 9, 2011

Construction Wrap-Up

I swear....
after all the rain we had (4 1/2 inches) over the past couple of days,
I was becoming monochromatic myself!!

Luckily, though, yesterday the sun came back out again.
The animals were ecstatic after spending two days somewhat "penned up."

I treated the horses to some good grazing time in the upper pastures.

The lower (less fattening) pasture (in front of the barn) has several underground streams
that break through the surface when we get torrential rains like we had
earlier this week.

It takes several days for the soggy ground to be firm enough to withstand horses hooves.
So, in the mean time, the horses are enjoying the grassy upper pastures.
They rarely get to spend much time here as the grass is way too fattening for my already chubby equines.

I only wish I could lead the horses out to pasture and work a video camera at the same time.
As soon as their halters come off, they run off bucking and kicking (and passing gas!)....
joyfully letting off steam before settling down to graze.

Becky's horses spend a lot of their grazing time eating down our hay field.
She uses a portable electric fence that consists of one electrified ribbon (solar powered)
strung through simple, moveable metal keeper posts.

Amazingly, this portable fence keeps her three horses contained.
(If only they knew how easily they could just step over the ribbon!)

Finally, it looks as though the shell of our arena will soon be finished...
perhaps today.

The electrician/plumber is finishing today also.

The only thing left to finish is the footing.
Sand and sawdust will have to be delivered for the center ring.
Then, the outside perimeter will be stone dust, to act as an indoor running track for Hubbs and the kids.
The corners will be utilized for hay and tractor storage.
We have tried to make this arena as multi-purposed as possible.

After two days of being "cooped up", 
the pigs were ready for a day in the sunshine, too.
I am just amazed at how big they are getting!

It has been a while since I have written about the Frat Pack.
Our 6 Ameraucana roosters occupied the henhouse closest to our farmhouse
until numbers 5 and 6 discovered the French hens at the barn.
They never went home again.

So, numbers 1 through 4 remain in the Frat House,
and act as the welcoming committee for anyone coming up the driveway to the farmhouse.

I think they are quite stunning with their furry little cheek muffs!

Happily, we are to have clear cold weather for the next week.
I will be working on mulching around the new garden boxes...
a little bit each day.
How about you....what winter projects are you busy with?

Have a wonderful weekend....
we'll see you Monday with more Tails from the Farm!


  1. A sunny, but cold day here yesterday too! Winter is right on our heels.

  2. We've got very soggy fields too. Love your roosters, they're gorgeous!...

    and those piggies are the cutest darn pigs I've ever seen.

  3. It's freezing fog here for the last 5 days. Interesting commute to work. What am I working on? ha-ha! Putting my house back together isn't going fast enough for me. Too many interruptions. Oh well, it is only time. Your countryside looks so beautiful! Enjoy your weekend!

  4. We are having cold nights but sunny days. We have little bits of grass on the property for our little donkeys to nibble, but we need more rain to keep the Winter grasses coming in. The chickens' feet are cold with the frosty ground and I've added a night light in their coop. We have no Winter projects until January when we will add a few more bare root fruit trees. Enjoy your weekend and all your critters.

  5. No winter projects yet..hoping to be able to close "the infirmary" in a week or so..working on a sampler..Can't believe how big the piggies are.."letting off steam and passing gas"...cute..One in the same??? Have a fun weekend..They sure come fast !!

  6. Good Morning Bev! WOW WOW WOW your riding arena is HUGE...what a wonderful place to work with your horses rain or shine sleet or snow! Your pastures look great...I wish we had such good grass here on the farm. The piggies are looking fat and sassy and your roosters are looking their coloring. I hope you're enjoying these last few weeks before the big day...enjoy the sunshine! Have a great day.
    Maura :)

  7. We had soggy feilds and yards but now it is all frozen over and a dusting of snow on them ! Love your photos, WOW ! that arena is coming along wonderfuly ! Our winter projects are Papa working in his wood shop when he can and as for me ,out taking photos of winter birds . Have a wonderful day !

  8. What an incredible riding rink, those are some very lucky horses. The rain made an appearance here, but quickly moved on. The Verde Farm piggies are getting big and the roosters, what fine looking gentlemen they are, love the cheek muffs! Sending greetings from Maine.

  9. We are enjoying a break from rain, too. so tried ot ghet soem fresh hay into the barn. And it promptly unrolled itself all the way to the feed room. Which meant all the loose stuff had to be forked into the kidding barn for kidding season or it would get trampled and wasted. Of course, all this was done after dark. Needless to say I am still in the kitchen having my second cup of coffee and working my way up to milking. That way the critters have plenty of time to finish up spilled hay before getting their breakfast!
    Stevie @


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