Thursday, December 8, 2011

The Colors of the Season

Greys, browns, blacks and tans...
tis the season for monochromatic vistas.

Such is the countryside as we enter the dreary, drab season called Winter.

This was the scenery as I drove to town to see Tyler and his Mommy yesterday.

Reportedly, our fog and rain are to be replaced by snow in the very near future.

In spite of the weather,
it was wonderful to spend some time with my little buddy, Tyler.

Because it was my day off...and away from the farm,
I have no new pictures of the animals.
Instead I will share a bit more of the Christmas cheer from inside the farmhouse.

The fireplace mantle announces its welcome...

On the hearth is an antique medical bag that I found years ago.
And being a snowman collector, myself, I just had to have it!

A few favorite snowmen grace the other side of the hearth....

Nasty weather gives me a little extra time indoors for sewing, and crafts, and decorating.
I rekindled the joy of cutting paper snowflakes.

A little glitter and glue, and they were just right to hang from the old barn ladder
in my sewing room....

Finishing a couple sewing projects, wrapping gifts, and baking cookies
are all that is left in the preparation for the holidays.
A crackling fire, the sound of Christmas music, and all of the decorations
will be the perfect backdrop for finishing these tasks.
How wonderful it will be to not be so rushed as Christmas draws nigh.

And even better if all this rain and fog
becomes a beautiful white winter wonderland!!


  1. Beautiful decorations, Bev. It's great that you have so much done already. I still have to shop for two of my boys. They are hard to shop for and getting ideas from them is even harder!

  2. No winter snow..but it will come...Your fireplace looks lovely..The letters are very cool...Were the snowmen on the medical bag when you got it??? What a find..Love it..Snow flakes..such fun..I can't remember the last time I cut them out!!!
    I just love your decorating..Good job...

  3. I love all your lovely decorations especially the homemade do so much! Glad you got a break and spent time with the 'man'!

  4. Awesome photos ! Love your decorating ! I to am not rushing this years for Christmas just taking my time with all the Christmas cheer ! Have a wonderful day !

  5. Hi Bev...I'd trade you some sunshine for your rain for a week!!! That's one of the nice things about's rarely dull and dreary as the sun is usually shining. We could use dull and dreary in the summer though! Have fun with your baking...I'll be doing the same thing this weekend. Take care.
    Maura :)

  6. OH oh I commented but got interrupted and now I'm not sure if I told you how much I love your decorations. Your place is looking so cozy and can't beat a log home for that. Enjoy your evening.
    Maura :)


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