Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Sleepy Sort of Day....

I fear we may have seen our last day of Indian Summer.
This perfect sunrise may have marked our passing into Autumn,
with Winter looming around the corner.

Yesterday was perfectly dreary,
and sleepy,
and lazy.

At least for this fellow...

and these guys...
(there are two pigs nestled into that soft pile of hay)

it was too dreary to go outside.

Most everyone else on the farm went about business as usual,
in a soggy manner.

Temperatures will fall by week's end says the weather man.
And that's the way the seasons pass...
quietly, without fanfare...
warmth fading into cold,
sun fading into clouds.

Those of us who don't mind the rain will continue on as usual.
The rest will spend their days napping,
most likely beneath the warmth of a glowing red heat lamp.


  1. Such a life those animals have!
    Bless 'em!

  2. Sweet Kitty love. Everyone does look lazy and happy all cuddled and nesting listening to the rain fall. The rain has headed our way. I saw the wet leaves as I let the dogs out this early a.m. This beautiful season is slowly being nudged out, I agree.

  3. They all look very comfy cosy ! Beautiful photos I especially love the black and white photo of your pony fantastic ! The temp hwew are expected to drop as well I guess winter really is on its way now BOOO ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. I think I need to get myself a red heat lamp. :-)

  5. Awesome photos! Beautiful sunrise and clouds!

    The kitty and pig photos put a huge smile on my face! So cute!

  6. I agree with Sherry....what a wonderful life your animals have on the farm! I hope your day is a good one Bev.
    Maura :)

  7. We've had several days of heavy morning fog, so yesterday the sun came out earlier and I rejoiced! Little sprigs of grass are coming up which gives the donkeys and chickens little nibbles. And makes things prettier than the awful late Summer browns. It was a perfect day for riding my horse and soaking up the Autumn-ness.

    Piggies. Love those piggies.

  8. You made me want to snuggle back in this morning, where's my heat lamp. Rain is predicted today, imagine that! It's still so dark out it is hard to see what the day will be like. Oh the life of your animals!! Hugs!

  9. Awwh darn, can I join them? I slept in an hour later this morning...the sky was beautiful when I got up...I think we might get sun today!

  10. Today wasn't much better weather wise...but I had a fun day....Thanks...


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