Friday, November 4, 2011

New Faces

With the arrival of two new piglets, I have stated...
"No more animals!"

And then earlier this week,
this one arrives...
(Please pardon the glowing eyes, but it is very early in the morning,
and a flash is necessary.)

cold and hungry...

sleeping in the feed room and hanging around for breakfast.
His/her (yet to be determined) markings are quite similar to little Leo's...
perhaps a relative?
Oh, I am such a sucker for sad eyes.
Looks like we will have another to neuter when Leo is ready.
This one is friendly and let me pick it up and cuddle it.
Thank goodness we have barns and mice...
at least the cats have jobs!

A surprise visit from Tyler and his Mommy topped my week off perfectly.
Tyler couldn't wait to meet the piggies.

When it warmed up we walked the girls out to their yard for a little sun.

Tyler has learned where the Ritz crackers are stashed,
and set about to give treats to all of his favorite animals.
One for Maddie....

One for me...

And one for Edith...

After the Ritz were gone, 
Tyler started to clean the goat pen...
picking up goat berries (poop..why not?) one by one,

and giving them a pitch.

Ahhh... a job well done! 

There's nothing like the satisfaction of honest farm work!!

Hope we brought a smile to your face today.
Have a great weekend.
We'll be back Monday with more "tails" from the farm.


  1. We need a video of the piggies in action! I bet they make the cutest squeals & grunts!

  2. Well of course you have another animal...who could resist? And I suspect you all have pretty big hearts! Tyler is too cute for words...thanks for sharing!

  3. ooh, so much cuteness in one post! The piglets! Tyler and the goat what a face :-)

    LIving on a farm myself, I know how much work you have cut out for you with all those animals... and you take such good care of every single one of them. I have kept my numbers down in recent years because the work load after 25 years of it has worn on me... but YOU do a fabulous job with so many wonderful animals. Your farm is a haven, even to visit in blogland.

  4. A big smile to my face he is just soo cute. Love the photos of him with the piggies. We have so many stray stragly cats in this area its quite sadning some have been roaming around for years and others well end up as road kill It breaks my heart to see so many of them. Loved your post . Have a wonderful day !

  5. I love Tyler's hat!! He looks absolutely adorable wearing it!

  6. I thought that was Leo at first and couldn't figure out why it was a new face! You're like me... a sucker for an animal in need! I figure they need me as much as I need them.

    That 'satisfied' look on Tyler's face is priceless!

  7. The pigs look perfectly Tyler sized.

    And its not like you went looking for a cat. When you have a farm, they often find you.

  8. Oh there's the money shot - Tyler and the piggies:-) He is a farm boy at heart, that's for sure. Have a fun weekend.

  9. You not only brought a smile to my face with that sweet kitty and your plans to nueter and keep but a chuckle when that adorable little on was playing with the berries. It keeps them healthy and does great things to their immune system. They are so much happier throwing berries. At least he didn't try to eat one! Love the piggies. Those are happy girls. Try to post a squeal or two for us please!

  10. Tyler has a lot of eyes on today.."the better to see you with my dear"..I wonder if your new kitty is Leos Mom or Dad..From the pictures it looks like an adult??? The more the merrier...

  11. You are such a sucker....that won't be the last it...what a sweet heart you have! Love the look on Tyler face!

  12. Oh, he is the cutest thing. Just love that last photo. Thanks for caring about that cat. So many get the boot and they don't deserve it. Your a life-saver. Hugs, Deb=^..^=x4

  13. Nothing like a good toss of the goat pellets! He is such a cute guy. Lucky kitty to have found his/her way to your home.

  14. I second what karen said,,, 'won't be the last critter you take in'....
    You & Jack have hearts as big as the moon.....
    As for goatberries & toddlers,,, what is it that fascinates them so? my 2 lil grandgirlies are just as inquisitive as your lil Tyler....

  15. Morning.. Thanks for this post I giggles myself silly with that one picture of your Tyler all smug and satisfied with himself.. He is at the best of ages..They just empress themselves from head to toe..and straight from the heart!!

    Love your new kitty she looks a lot like My Tasha..Good to that she/he is friendly and will let you give um some loving to make um feel at home....

    The piglets are just adorable!

    Have a Great Day!!


  16. love, love I so need a grandson

  17. A wonderful post, and a lucky grandson!

  18. Oh my gosh!! that last picture of Tyler is sooo adorable!! :) Luckly kitty just found herself animal heaven :)

  19. He is just too cute for words!! Did he love the girls??? Looks like he did :)
    Hugs, Amy


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