Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My People, My Piggies

While I was visiting Amy of Verde Farm
in West Virginia this weekend,
(she is the "piggy Mama" that sold us our new babies)
we were discussing all of the friendships we had made in the blogging world.

(And yes, you are right -  the pictures have nothing to do with the story....
just pictures from the past two days.)

Her comment was "These are my people."
I agreed whole heartedly with her.
Through blogging I have found so many like minded friends.
I'd like to think we are of the same tribe.
Perhaps the "Keepers of the Earth" tribe.

Sadie's favorite time of year....snow season!
So.......to you I say:
You are my people.
You get me.
All I have to do is read your comments (which I always do)
to see that we think alike.

We sure do love to eat!
When I rant and rave, you back me up.
When I am brimming with joy, you are there to share it.
When I need support, you are there to give it.
And when I set out on another wacky animal adventure,
you are there cheering me on!

It has been a privilege and a pleasure to share my farm life and my farm family with you.
On the days when there is no one to talk to, besides my critters,
you are there ready to chat.
We have shared many cups of tea over the years...
you keep me company every morning after chores are finished,
and I sit down to eat breakfast.

Leo has found "his people"...pigs!
Blogging has helped me to always look for the positive side to all that happens
on the farm so that I can share it with you.
My hope is that my stories bring a smile to your face,
or maybe challenge you to try something new....
like a backyard flock of chickens.

Catching chickens before the "big move".
July's batch of chicks are grown.... we moved them into the main chicken coops this weekend.
Thanks for being there....
you truly are "my people"!

PS....It is very hard to get anything done right now...
these piggies are just about the cutest, sweetest beings on the face of the earth.
All I want to do is hug them, hold them, and rub their bellies....
and yes....kiss their cute little pink noses!!

Leo feels like I do.
He, too, is in love!
Three peas in a pod.


  1. Maybe since they're the same color, Leo thinks they're family??!! What ever, it's just about the sweetest thing I've seen in a looooog time! Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful 'family' with all of us! We are your people!!!

  2. "We the people" love your blog Bev...we love you and your critters and we love to see what you're up to each day. And NOW with these sweet little piggies...well we're going to be wanting pictures and reports at least one picture EVERY DAY!!! Just kidding...well nearly every day. I can't believe how small they are and it's wonderful to see Leo and the piggies getting along so well...that's just the cutest thing. You have yourself a wonderful day...please give the piggies and all the other critters a scritch from me when you see them today. Enjoy that snow!
    Maura :@)

  3. They are soo cute!!! Now I want pigs to add to my little farm. I just love how all your critters love one another. It warms my heart. Have a great day.


  4. What a wonderful sentiment on this post. I just started my blog 2 months ago and have "met" some of the nicest people.
    I will have to visit your blog several times a day now, just to look at piggie pictures. Leo is such a lucky kitty that you went all that way just to bring him two new sisters:-)
    Has Tyler seen the piggies yet?

  5. I count myself lucky for having found your blog and getting to know you.:-)

  6. Love how Leo has blended right in with the piggies!! He's missing his litter siblings and now he's found them!! Babies are always much more accepting of each other. Besides, he looks just like them --- NOW!! It's going to be interesting to see how they do
    as the ladies get larger than Leo!!
    Your fantastic camera and natural eye makes your blog fun and interesting :-}}

  7. Thank you for your blog and sharing your life and farm with us. You are "my people", known it from the first look at your blog. I ask God to continue to bless and keep you and your family safe and strong. You should know that you continually encourage me and show me what I can do, no matter what people around me tell me I can't do.

  8. The last picture is so cute! I am glad that I found your blog and get to share your adventures!

  9. What would I ever do without our blogging friends? Every morning I can't wait to check in and see what my friends are doing. Yes, this blogging world has brought like minded folks together. Then we see these new addition that we all fall in love with. One last thought, you did my heart good this morning with that picture of Sadie. You already know she is my love! Enjoy your day with all the hugging going on!

  10. I look forward to your posts every morning...It's like a visit..The piggies couldn't be any cuter...Wait until Tyler sees them!!

  11. Love this post...I am so happy you are happy! Isn't that what blogging is all about? Blogland is a wonderful place and those you meet...fabulous! Thanks for sharing your joy with us everyday.

    Can't wait to see more of the trio...too darn cute!

  12. Oh my goodness Beverly-these are the most delightful adorable little critters I've seen in a long time!! ove this post-really touched me-so many of us feel the way you so nicely put it! Must have been wonderful going to Verde Farm! I hope I can get there next summer when I go to WV CITR retreat again!!

  13. I have been reading your blog for awhile now and don't think I have ever commented. I came over from Dogtrot and am now addicted to your farm and family. I think the pictures of Leo and the piglets are just the cutest thing in the world. Hope you don't mind my lurking around.

    Linda from Mississippi

  14. Amen to blogging and to all the wonderful folk that have become our friends because of it . Awesome post I couldnt of said it better myself I feel the same way . Fantastic photos. Have a wonderful day !

  15. They really are the cutest pigs I have ever seen. LOVE their markings!...

  16. Enjoy their sweet baby time... those piggies are going to grow up so fast!

  17. I have been hooked on your blog from day one. I too am a critter person. Don't have a place in the country but we do have chickens. The "girls" have been here some of them for over 6 years now.We have a large pond my husband made for me filled with huge goldfish and 1 lone koi from our son.Grown son lives here with us and so does his girl dog. We think she owns all of us and we love her so.
    So you see you and your beautiful life is so refreshing to come visit everyday.
    Those baby pigs are just too sweet.

  18. Oh if some people could be more like our critters everyone could be happy. Always there waiting to get our visits. Yes I know there awaiting there food but their happy to see us. I enjoy visiting you & your critters. Those piggies are ever so cute. I would have to pick them up & hug them too. The kitty has good friends. Blessings!

  19. Well, I haven't gotten bit by the Piggy bug just yet. And even these wonderful piggy pics will not sway me.. I swear! Well.... maybe I will think on it....just a bit more.

  20. I love blogging and especially love the farm life. You always have such a fun way of telling us about the excitement at the farm. Thank you!!

  21. What's not to love??? they are sooo cute!

    p.s. keep that cols white stuff on your farm... I am NOT ready yet for it to snow here. oh dang! to late, it's due on Thursday!
    I think i may need a couple of piggies to help me get through the Winter! lol!

  22. "keepers of the earth tribe"...LOVE it! Am also getting such a kick out if the kitty & piggies bonding!

  23. You know I love this post!! You are my people! Maybe life will give me more time to spend with “the keeper’s of the earth tribe” soon. I miss you all and it makes me so happy to catch up and read my bloggy buddies posts. It’s good to have a tribe!!!
    Hugs, Amy :)


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