Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Maddie and Her Piggies

I had a little fun on the computer yesterday...

ok.... a whole lot of fun!

Coming Soon...
To A Theatre Near You!
(just kidding)


I don't have a whole lot of free time,
but when I do, I spend it HERE.


  1. That was awesome ! How did you do it if I may ask. Oh my Maddie and her piggies are soo darn cute. Have a wonderful day !

  2. Great job on the video! Maddie looks like she takes her Mama Pig job seriously! So cute!

  3. How cute was that! Maddie is doing a good job with her piggies! Hugs!

  4. This is absolutely the best part of you getting piggies. Maddie looks so content being a mama and they get to have a surrogate mama to make them feel loved. Cute video!

  5. Love the music...when is the CD out?

    Super cute!

  6. OMG ~ This is fantastic. You definitely could have a life in animal movies, I think. Can't wait to show my fam; they will love this. Just the cutest things ever with that big dog.

  7. We are all dying over this. Maddie is the best and we love her. She is a wonderful mama to Ginger and MaryAnne. LOVE IT!!!
    Hugs, Amy from Verde Farm

  8. We are all dying over this at Verde Farm. Maddie is the BEST. What a wonderful mama she is to Ginger and MaryAnne. We all lover her!
    Hugs from Amy at VF

  9. lol that was very cute : )

  10. I vote for an academy award for best movie, best actor and supporting actors! What a cute movie.


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