Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Ginger Running

We have been quite fortunate since that freak snowstorm that hit us the first week of November.
Since then temperatures have reached 55-60 just about every day!
It seems that this year Old Man Winter teased us once and went into hiding.

He can just stay hidden...
at least until Christmas.

The warmer weather makes morning chores so much easier.
Greeting the sunrise at the barn...

Letting the chickens out to free range,
and cleaning their coops...

Hay for the horses...
I wish I could share with you how peaceful this time of day is.
(Except for the fact that this is "deer season"....
so my peace is interrupted by the sound of gunfire.)
(With each blast I pray for the deer...praying that it escaped harm.)

The cats get very impatient...
waiting for their breakfast...
following me everywhere lest I forget it.
Don't worry, TomTom...
you are next on my list.

Feeding cats is Hickory's favorite activity of the day.
This 16 year-old partially blind gal rides along to the barn each morning,
just so she can lick the cat food can.
Then she makes the quarter mile hike back to the house for a nap,
while I finish the rest of the chores.

Sophia has become much more visible around the barn.
Occasionally a scuffle breaks out between her and Ella,
but for the most part they avoid each other,
and peaceful co-existence prevails.
(You might notice she has a scratch on her nose from the last "cat fight.")

I have come to the conclusion that the pigs live to eat.
They start squealing and grunting as soon as the hear the gator pull up to the barn.
As I open their stall door with hands full of feed,
they rush into the aisle making a barking sound.
Then they follow me back into their stall and set about consuming their breakfast.

For some reason, this little hen has taken to sitting on an empty nest in the barn.
Each day I pick her up, carry her back to the henhouse,
and close up the barn.
Hours later, there she is again...
stubbornly defending her nest and squawking a warning call when I come near.j
She's the toughest broody hen I have ever had to deal with.
The funny thing is....
there are no eggs in her nest....she hasn't laid any for days.

I have been keeping the dogs close to me since hunting season has started.
Ollie doesn't mind at all....
it just gives him more opportunity to pester the horses.

Oakley and Leo share a little lovin...

The Christmas season is a favorite amongst the goats.
They love the tree trimmings that they get for snacks.
When the trees come down on New Year's Day,
they get tossed into the goat pens...
a delectable feast for days following.

I have been trying to capture a video of the pigs running to share with you.
Each day when I take them out to graze,
they kick up their heels and run around the pen with abandon.
Yesterday I finally captured Ginger on the run....


  1. LOVE your video...those girls can scamper!!! What a wonderful home you have made for all of your animals!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ginger and Maryanne have gotten so big. I thought I might have heard the turkeys on the video. So many chores, but still I would love to have that job.

  3. Oh the girls are soo cute ! Loved the video, photos and post. Seems like a great morning to me ! Have a wonderful day !

  4. Ginger looks as though she is full of personality and fun and love her little piggy grunts. Sam looks like he loves her very much.. Sweet interaction between them!

  5. Maryanne was too busy with Sam to run..loved the pics..nice visit to the happy, happy farm gang..

  6. You could try putting eggs under the broody hen, unless you don't want winter chicks. The pigs are ADORABLE! My outdoor cat, Mumu, got a scratch on his nose as well. Seeing as he's the only outside cat, I wonder if he was fighting with a stray...

  7. I love all your animals personalities. Yes, piggies have grown! It looks so peaceful at the farm with all the sounds of your extended family. Have a great week, Hugs!

  8. What a wonderful post...full of fun! Loved the video too...everyone gets along together so well! Love that!

  9. Whenever people come and buy hunting licences at the store, I always say, "safe hunting" I never, ever say "happy hunting, or I hope you get one" I'm not into hunting. That's why God made super markets!

  10. I really like the way you've done that Chicken run. Mine are freerange but I have lost so many to murderous critters that I am about to give in and lock up the gals for good. I always get great farm design ideas when I come over to your place!
    My goats love this time of year too, they get to eat the leftover Christmas trees.

  11. Hello Bev!
    What a cute video with Ginger running...looks like she was having fun. I can't believe how much bigger they've gotten since you brought them home! I love mornings too and lucky you to be enjoying such wonderful warm weather. I hope it keeps up for you...we've got some snow predicted for Saturday evening. I'll believe it when I see it ;) Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  12. Piggies on the run! I love how your dogs are so in love with those little girls. With nice weather, I don't know how you ever leave the barnyard and all the fun.

  13. I love these pigs!


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