Wednesday, November 9, 2011

All The News That's Fit To Print

After the rains and snow that September and October treated us to,
it is almost surreal to experience the beautiful week we had had so far.
Indian Summer.
I love it.

Remember how yesterday I said that Autumn is a season of preparation?
Well, this week I have been "preparing" from sun up to sun-down.

My garden boxes are empty, weeded, and ready to mulch.
Becky and I have spread manure on the hayfield.
Today we take delivery on an extra 300 bales of hay.
 Following a trip to the feed store, our feed barrels are filled to the top, too.

It has been such a treat spending all day out of doors, without even a jacket!

Work on the riding arena continues.

It has been a while since I have talked about the goats and their "dating".
After spending two weeks with O'Malley, Sally, and Sissy,
we have had to move Smoochie back to the buck pen.

Sadly, he was not able to complete the task of impregnating the girls.
They were in heat...
he tried...
and then he stopped trying.
Then they were back in heat.

So, instead of Smoochie, we have placed Chip in with the gals.

He has happily done his job in short order.

If you have read my blog for the past year, 
you will remember that the same thing happened last year.

Looks like Ole Smooch is headed for castration....
no sense in carrying around equipment that doesn't work!

Back in the buck pen,
Smoochie and Skip are under the influence of testosterone...
bashing their heads together.

Stupid boys!

Speaking of boys....
Here are Ollie and Sammy in their usual
"sniff each other quietly"...
(ahh, how sweet)

that soon turns into this....
with both boys running wildly around the dry lot
in a rowdy game of chase.

Crazy boys!

I have gotten a few requests for video of the pigs so that you can hear them.
Turn your sound on.
Here they are.....
Ginger and MaryAnn asking for their supper....

Loaded into a little cage on the back of the gator,
(it's the only way I can carry two pigs at the same time)

and we head back to their stall in the barn where dinner awaits.
When the girls get too big for me to lift,
we will use a harness and lead to walk to their yard.
For now, though, they get taxi service.
And by the way, they have grown a bit in the week they have been with us.
PS....they eat like pigs!


  1. I believe I heard a turkey gobbling in the background of the video...they love to make a cameo appearance don't they?! Those piggies are so cute. How many times a day do they need to be fedat this stage? Love the photos of the dog and pony playing too!

    Kathy from Tasmania

  2. Thanks for the video!!
    Such sweet piggy snouts & piggy tails!
    I look forward to reading your adventures each morning, sitting in my recliner with my cocker spaniel snuggled beside me. It's a great way to start our day!

  3. Adorable. What a way to start my day with a little piggy grunt! Love your pictures especially of you pooch and the mini. That is so funny. Can't wait to show my daughter; she will die laughing. The riding ring is really taking shape. Thanks for the updates on that.

  4. Your minis have beautiful markings. I just did a post on our gator... I don't think there is a more necessary piece of equipment on the farm!...

  5. Good Morning Bev! My sister is still sleeping so I thought I'd pop on over and see how things are going over at your place. That's too bad about Smoochie..poor boy but it's for the best. Love the photo's of Ollie and Sammy...what a cute pair. LOL Ginger and MaryAnn are adorable! Looks like your riding arena is close to being you can't wait to try it out. We were surprised to see a bit of snow just before we went to bed last will be gone in a few hours though. I hope your day is a good one.
    Maura :)

  6. What a perfect November day on your farm! All the animals enjoying the sunshine, playing, gobbling, oinking. I'm sure you wouldn't mind a few more of these days before Winter sets in.
    Love the video:-)

  7. So cute, glad you are all having a good weather week.

    How big will the girls get?

  8. Maybe if you had named him Dick instead of Smooch things would have worked out better with the girls... Ooops, my bad... waaaay bad.

  9. Great way to start my day, piggie snorts! They are too cute. I hope the weather holds the entire week for more winter prep! hugs!

  10. Awesome piggy sounds I loved it ! Great photos love all your animals ! Looks like the riding arena is coming along great! Thanx for sharing. Have a great day !

  11. loved the video and pictures! I am gald you are getting some nice weather your way. I cant wait to see some baby goats soon : )

  12. Sounds like MaryAnn and Ginger have a bad case of indigestion...Looks like you have everything winterized..Did you name the new kitty??Did you figure out what it was???

  13. The photo of Ollie and Sammy is adorable. What a busy day you have. When your head hits the pillow you must sleep like a log. Cute piglets!!

  14. CUTE! I love the sound of little pigs!

  15. We loved the video!!! Miss those two so much but look how wonderful they are--I know they are living “high on the hog” :) LOL
    So awesome Bev!!
    Amy at VF


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