Tuesday, October 25, 2011

This Little ..........

In just three short days, I am leaving the farm
and heading to West Virginia ( 7 hours away) for a brief visit with
Amy, of Verde Farm....

(can you feel the excitement building?)

(wait for it.....)

(wait for it.....)






Yes, this weekend our sweet little piggy sisters,


and MaryAnn

are coming home to live on the farm!

We are sooooooooooo, so excited to finally meet these little gals.
Don't worry,
I will take my cameras and chronicle the trip to and fro for you.

A seven hour trip home with two squealing piglets....
Do you think the girls will cry "Weeeee, Weeeeee, Weeeeeeeee"  all the way home???

I thought you might like to see a barn update...

The roof trusses were delivered yesterday.
Soon the skeleton will be complete!
Happily, the weather has cooperated these past two weeks.


  1. Those little piggies are the cutest things ever! I can't wait to see more pictures of them.

  2. Oh, how exciting! They are adorable 'little' piggies!

    The barn is coming along nicely.. it's HUGE! Gonna be nice!

  3. Drive carefully! I hope you have a beautiful trip (end of Fall colors) and that the babies sleep all the way home. :)

  4. That is exciting! Those piggies are so cute. Have a fun and safe trip!

  5. Excitement plus here! Can't wait to meet the piggies! That arena is going to be huge. Look at all the fun and think of all the events you can host. Good luck with the trip home!

  6. Oh I just love piggies. How fun that is going to be! I'm thinking of that Geico commercial with the piggy hanging his head out the window. LOL!
    And that barn???? Swoon.

  7. Oh That is great they are soo cute love their names lol Cant wait for your post on the trip there and back. Drive safe now and have a wonderful day !

  8. The barn is going to be amazing. How fun to get the piggies. Will they be for food or little garbage disposals or both? Very sweet.

  9. Such exciting news, can't wait to see those cute little ones...I hope they don't squeal all the way home...for your sake! lol

    It will be great to get the roof on...yeah!

  10. How exciting and enriching your life continues to be with the addition of the Gilligan's Island ladies!! I'll excitingly watch your adventures to see if my future family will also include piggies! Too cute :-}}

  11. Too cute!
    Ginger needs an evening gown. I'm sure she wouldn't want to go on a trip without one.

  12. That is going to be one huge arena!
    Can't wait to see the piggy girls!

  13. How exciting! They certainly are pretty ladies.

  14. How exciting to be heading to Verde Farm, please tell Amy hello for me. I had hoped to visit her this past summer, but we no longer feel comfortable boarding Winslow Homer, but someday the visit will happen. I can't wait to see those beautiful pigs residing at your lovely farm. Your barn is going to be incredible! Take lots of pictures. Greetings from Maine, Julie.

  15. Those piggies sure are adorable.... Keep the photos coming of their life at Bee Haven Acres!

  16. Good Morning Bev!
    I'm excited for your trip to Virginia...not just to see your adorable pigs but I hope you get pictures of my friend Amy and her hubby Richie. Please give Amy a hug for me :) Looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of your sweeties!!
    Have a good trip.
    Maura :)

  17. OMG...what cuties..Maybe Mollie could play with them????


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