Monday, October 24, 2011

Life is Good!

What a wonderful Fall weekend we had!

We had a reprieve from rain 
and were able to get some significant work done around the farm.

After the work was done
we took some time to relax....
enjoying both the company of family and friends.

Saturday evening we were treated to dinner with friends at
Caputo Brothers Creamery.
Dave and Ryn Caputo are an amazing young couple who spent 
a significant amount of time getting culinary training in Italy.
Just this year, they started an artisan cheese making business.
They make Mozarella (Fior di Latte) in the traditional way
(unlike the processed way we make it here in the States)
and, oh boy, can you taste the difference!

I bought some curds from them and will attempt to stretch my own Mozarella
this year around the holidays....
(I'll video the process!)

Sunday's weather was spectacular!
We gathered all of the dogs and the kids
(after our traditional 9 AM Sunday Farm Breakfast)
and headed out into the woods for a hike.

Maddie, our Newfie....

Naturally, Old Hickory, our 16 year old Norfolk Terrier
gets to ride in the stroller...
the walk being much longer than she could make.

And everyone takes their turn pushing her.

What a life this old gal has!

We hiked our trails, while the dogs had a blast running through the woods,

and ended up at our camp for a little rest.

This is the longest hike our old Sadie has taken in quite some time!

I snapped a few woodsy pictures along the way....

As we walked we were followed by a flock of grackles...

Sam and Maddie found a groundhog hole....

which Sam just had to investigate a little bit further!

A few cute goat shots along the way back...

"Hey, whatcha lookin at?"
"Do you smell what I smell?"
"Does this log make my butt look big?"
There's no better scene on the way back from a walk,
than our much loved herd of equines peacefully grazing.

The turkeys greeted us on our return.

And the guineas?
Well, after making sure that we didn't bring any riff-raff home with us,
Guido and the boys went back to the business of hunting for ticks.
At this time of year we could use an army of guineas for that task!


  1. What a wonderful weekend you had!!!

  2. Great pictures Bev! Really looks like you had a fun weekend with your family!

  3. Lovin' the photo of everyone by the tent. :-))

  4. Absolutely fantastic family fun!!! LOVE all your fabulous photos! Great job...that breakfast sounds really wonderful about now....:)

  5. Love all the fall pictures from your walk. But you did my heart good seeing a picture of my love, Sadie. I'm sure everyone had an enjoyable time especially Oakley with all the attention. Enjoy your day and figures crossed for no rain and more barn building.

  6. Thank you for taking us along with you and your family. You are truly blessed.

  7. Very nice photos of a beautiful weekend. Guido really keeps the team busy, doesn't he? From what I read on other blogs, you're fortunate to have your gang of guineas. It seems so many don't live to see their first birthday. And I agree with you about the equines grazing. Such a peaceful sight.

  8. Great photos of your farm and family. Wish I could come by for a visit!

  9. Loved all the photos . Looks like you all had a great weekend. Nothing better then going for a walk with family in the country and taking photos. Have a wonderful day !

  10. Good Morning Bev!
    Thanks for the wonderful walk around your your beautiful trails. When I saw the first photo from behind with the baby stroller I thought you had your Grandson with you...I had to laugh when I saw your little Hickory sitting in cute. At least she got to go along for the ride and not feel worn out just trying to keep up. What a wonderful family you have...makes me miss all my kids and grandkids. I hope this week is a sunny one for you.
    Maura :)

  11. I love it! I could send you a whole bunch of guineas. Hopefully their numbers will stop dwindling. Ted killed a fox in the upper pasture. He was about 10 ft away from our hen and ready to pounce. No ticks or slugs here this year.

  12. great the goaties..Looks like you had a weekend to envy...what time...

  13. We haven't heard from the pigs lately...

  14. Hey Bev,
    Thanx for letting us 'walk along with you and the gang" and by the way, no, that log doesn't make your (goatie's)butt look big! lol!


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