Thursday, October 27, 2011


There are times in life that are hard to describe in words.
Perhaps there just aren't adjectives that are sweet enough.
Yesterday was one of those days.
We had a visitor on the farm....

Tyler spent the day with Grammie and Mup (that's what he calls Hubbs).

Pictures say it all.....

There is nothing sweeter than the pure joy on my two "guys" faces!
It made me happier than words can say!

We had a surprise arrival on the farm yesterday afternoon....
a bathroom!

The "Port-o-let" was delivered for the construction workers.
Yesterday they put 1/4 of the roof on....
the rest of the roof should be finished today.


  1. Port-o-Let... who knew it was a french potty?

    WOW, your barn/building is awesome! Just huge!!

  2. Bev, all of your pictures are beautiful, but the hammock photo is priceless! :-)

  3. Oh My..has Tyler ever grown!! Hate all happens to quickly. Your pictures say it all. What an awesome day you ang hubby you said pure joy.
    Just wait til he meets your new arrivals this will not only be the piglets

    Judi..ya!!! sun today

  4. Those pics are priceless. He is so adorable. Love the one with the cat of course.

  5. MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS!!! Your barn is HUGE!!! And grandson is adorable! Love that face in the first photo, but Kitten isn't too sure about the little human!

  6. Fantastic photos , Tyler is a little cutie. Barns looking great cant wait to see it all finished. Have a wonderful day !

  7. What can I say except Grand kids are awesome! Tyler is a doll and love all the pic's of him. Does he ever look tiny by the huge barn? Enjoy every second with him for they grow up so fast. Hugs today!!

  8. He's not a baby anymore, he's so big. Great photos.

  9. Great pics of your grandson. I can't wait until ours is old enough to toddle around with the chickens.
    That barn is huge! Bet you're excited about it.

  10. OMG..Happy memories being made...Pure bliss..everyone looks so happy...Tylers expressions are priceless...Happy for you

  11. Joy is the most precious of gifts...looks like the three of you were blessed with it! And what a wonderful photo of the hammock pair. Achingly sweet...

  12. What a precious little boy, I love the photo of Tyler and Mup enjoying some bonding time in the hammock, priceless! I have to say that is going to be one beautiful barn, progress is being made. Have a great day, Julie.

  13. Such great memories being made! Your pictures did describe it all! Awesome!

    The barn is coming along... can't wait to see it finished.

  14. What a sweet little boy. Mine is 14 and I cannot believe he was that little. Love these pics.

  15. That is some huge barn! Your grandson is adorable and I love the pics of granddad and grandson...

  16. Bev I can't get over how big your little gr-son Tyler is...he just sprouted up so fast! The pictures are absolutely adorable especially the faces of your hubby and Tyler together. Wonderful keepsakes. Wow that's going to be some beautiful riding arena...I can't wait to see it finished and pictures of you and your sister in law riding in it. Just think of all the wonderful hours of riding you'll get in when it's too snowy or cold to ride outside! Very nice indeed. :-)

  17. Bev,
    Perfect title. Says it all. I can almost hear the child laughter, best sound in the world.

  18. Amazing photos Bev... I especially love the hammock shot!

  19. Those pictures are so, so sweet! I miss when my niece and nephew were that age and lived nearby. (They're in high school now). It was such a magical time when they were little. I miss it so much.

    That smile of his is priceless, by the way. Too adorable for words. You can tell how happy he is.



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