Tuesday, October 11, 2011

It's The Camera!

Thanks for your words of condolence yesterday about the passing of Smilin' Jack.
The goat yard isn't the same with out his begging for Ritz crackers!

I have to come clean about yesterday's pictures...
I used this camera instead of my little point and shoot.

This is my "good" camera.  
Because of its size and the need to change lenses, I rarely carry it with me.
For some reason, the other day, I just decided to get it out and play with it.
And now I am hooked.
You are so right!
The pictures are much better with this camera.

I took it with me yesterday when I went to the feed store.
There are a couple of places along the way that are my favorites
and I wanted to share them with you....

Love this barn...

I call this "Beauty in Decay"....

This old bridge, now closed, is right down the lane from our farm....

Purple asters along the roadside....my favorite wildflower.

Can you tell what's on Smoochie's mind?
He's got that dreamy look in his eye,
and I believe a smile on his lips!

Smoochie is actually exhausted in this picture.
Smooch and Sally spent the day in active courtship.
Sally was quite the hussy and Smooch obligingly chased her all around the pen.
By the end of the day, however, neither was too interested in the other.
We are keeping our fingers crossed that he got the job done!

Would you believe that this iris is blooming right now?

It is... in Becky's garden.
She has several that bloom in both Spring and Fall.

How about a bird's eye view of my purple beautyberry bush?
The berries look good enough to eat...but I wouldn't advise it!

I don't think I ever have a solitary moment during the day.
There is always at least one or two dogs with me at all times.
Yesterday afternoon we spent an hour cleaning the pasture (and playing with the horses).

Maddie, my co-pilot....

Sam, who spent the hour running with the Littles....


And Oakley, enjoying the warm afternoon.

These guys are my constant companions,
and willing participants in any activity I suggest.
The keep me entertained all day long!

Oh, and before I forget...
look at the progress made today on the arena project...

Topsoil removed....
we finally have a footprint!


  1. Your buddies are precious! I have 3 myself &, even though I shoo them out from under my feet constantly, I cherish their company & faithfulness!


  2. Beautiful pictures Bev!! I am so sorry about Smilin Jack, it must have been very sad to say goodbye to him.

  3. Your pups are just so sweet. I have two cameras as well and although I love the great photos I get from my Canon Rebel, the pocket camera is just way more convenient.

    Your pups just put smiles on my face. They are so joyful!

  4. Beautiful photos. Good Luck with that arena. Hopefully the weather will be a little more cooperative.

  5. You live in paradise. Thanks for sharing with pictures and prose.

  6. Oh my! your photos are so lovely. you have an eye for photography. My dogs follow me everywhere, too. Don't you just love it?

  7. The Smooch is very handsome..Great pictures..Good eye..Yup they're better..I just put my "good camera" on Craigs list..Besides having to switch lenses (not so much), it's not digital...so..no downloading to the computer..It does take great pictures..Congratulations on your footprint..Hate to say this but we're suposed to get 2 inches of rain over the next couple of days...:P

  8. I love your farm and the way that you post your photos. Makes me feel like I'm walking right beside you.
    Thanks for the insight with the photos. I felt like there was a change in your photos. Amazing the difference.
    I have a "good" camera and a point and shoot as well. But I rarely use my point and shoot as I am usually disappointed in the quality. You seem to have a good point and shoot. What kind is it. I am wanting to replace mine and see if I can get by with a point and shoot camera outside in the muck and mire.
    Thanks again Bev.. As always I enjoy your blog..

  9. Hi Dawn,
    Thanks for the kind words.
    My point and shoot is a Samsung 14 megapixel with a super wide angle lens. It has 12 X telephoto ability. I found this camera at Costco and it was relatively inexpensive for all it can do. It is the perfect take along camera to capture things as you see them....but for anything beyond that, well it definitely has its limitations.


  10. Good Morning Bev! I love the new look of your blog and the photo's you've taken with your 'good' camera are fantastic! Makes you wonder why you haven't been using it ;) I know they are big and bulky so not something you want to pack with you all the time but they sure take great pictures don't they. I love your farm buddies..it's always nice to have company when you're working. We finally had rain...nearly 1.5 inches and while planting a few new tree's yesterday noticed it has penetrated down about 6 inches...woohoo! Everything looks greener (probably washed all the dust off) and I thought I saw the tree's smiling ;) Anyway...enjoy your camera and have a great week!
    Maura :)

  11. Forgot to tell you congrats on the start to the new riding arena...I'm excited for you!

  12. I don't even know where to start...the photos are so lovely...yes, that camera is better but for daily use I am sure the other is much nicer.

    I guess one of these days, I need to break down and get a 'good' one..they just intimidate me!

    Thanks again for all your help with my girls.

  13. Fantastic photos ! I to am a Nikon nut I have the D60 which started out my photos beautifully if I must say so myself , is now having probs showing pixels in my photos and they dont make it anymore and now nor can there be anything done about it .I now have the D3100 I love my Nikon camera's I to have lots of lenses for them but stick to my 55-300mm and my Nikor Macro 60mm. Have great fun with your Nikon camera I know I do lol . Have a wonderful day !

  14. Beautiful photos and awesome camera! My brother has a fantastic video camera and then another great point-and-shoot. One of these days I hope to get at least one of them. A great camera makes all the difference. (I can't even take 3 pictures on mine without the batteries dying).


  15. I love my Nikon DSLR! Your shots are gorgeous!


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