Thursday, October 20, 2011

Under Construction

Hello friends!
Well, you might notice that our barn is not the only thing under construction here.

we are giving the old blog a facelift.

In a few days it should be looking quite "snappy"...thanks to Di!!

I will continue to post throughout construction,
so hang in there with me.
And have a great day!


  1. I just "met" Di a few weeks ago. We share the same wedding anniversary! She's a hoot...and I'm sure she's going to design a kick-tail blog for you. I'll be following along!


  2. I took a look at it yesterday after Di (my snappy sister) told me she was working on it. I love the green! And I love that arena. I've said that before and I will say it again:-)

  3. Wow, look at the barn raising! The rain must have stayed away for another day. I'm excited to see the new look of your blog. Of course I love it just the way it is. But I know change is good, it usually gives us a lift. Just like rearranging our furniture. I just did that and now I'm in the middle of painting. Keep the pictures coming! hugs!!

  4. Looking good! Snappy Di does great work!

    I've grabbed your button and will add it to my Blog Linkup Page!

  5. All of your construction is coming along nicely.

  6. Looks great Bev and you got your watermark too...good going!

  7. Will you be my "Snappy Di"?
    Can't wait to see the finished product...

  8. Just luv a good ol' fashion Barn Raisin'.... if I were closer, you know I would be over, basket of fresh baked scones & lemon curd' to bring to you in celebration of the Barn....
    Don't forget to carve/sign yours & Jack's name somewhere in the barn for future generations to discover....


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