Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Blue Skies Bring Heavy Equipment!

Yesterday's sunshine brought a flurry of activity to the farm.

I arrived at the barn and was greeted by little Leo,
who couldn't wait to tell me all about the scary equipment.

The excavator had brought truckloads of stone dust and
was moving it all around to make a base for the arena.

The contractors were busy digging holes for all of the poles.

Following the hole digger was the cement truck,
pouring cement footers for each pole.

Wednesday is scheduled for delivery of the poles and the lumber.
Unfortunately, though, there is 100 % chance of rain on Wednesday...
with a chance of a heavy accumulation.
One step forward.....two steps back!

While at the barn, I took a little time to harvest most of the remaining veggies.

All that is left are more carrots.
Our gardening season is almost officially over.
Once the garden is safely tucked in for the winter,
the outside work load is lessened considerably.

If you are thinking about next year's garden yet,
I would highly recommend the red dragon carrots.
They are quite tasty and look so healthy with that bright red skin.
(Oh, and I never peel my homegrown carrots...just clean them with a brush.)

I should also mention that there is no better cutting flower to include in your
summer garden than the zinnia.
Here is the last of ours...

Zinnias are prolific bloomers and will keep you supplied in fresh cut
 colorful bouquets from June through October.
It is one "can do" plant for sure!

Oh, and here is how Moonbeam handles the presence of heavy equipment next to his pasture....

Hopefully Moonbeam and I will get a trail ride in today before the rains come.
And to answer a question from yesterday....
Yes, I did have an accident with Moonbeam a couple of years ago...
one that scared me more than anything.
The big horse accident had occurred a year before that on Briggs,
a quarterhorse....a mishap that cost me fractured ribs and pelvis.
But that's the past...and we are not going to revisit that!

I was amazed by all of your comments about your own horse accidents....
I guess it just goes with the territory.


  1. Good Morning Bev!
    Looks like things are finally starting to happen with your riding arena..too bad about the rain tomorrow though. OH well ...it will eventually be done and you'll soon be in there riding Moonbeam. I just read your previous post on your accident...no wonder you've been holding back from riding again after that kind of an accident. Back in the late 80's I was hurt by a 'green broke' horse that I just bought. He was a beautiful huge 'bull dog' type of quarter horse with great bloodlines and one serious stubborn streak. I had him tied to a fence post and had slipped his halter off his nose but it was around his neck while I bent over to put his bridle on. Well that horse swung his head so hard and fast towards me that he caught me in the side of my forehead. I ended up with a concussion and 8 stitches. It had taken 3 hours to load that horse the day I bought him after being told how sweet he was by the owner. He fought until he was played out and then finally went in. I guess that should have been a warning for me but I really wanted him. I sold him shortly after that and haven't ridden since. For about a year now I have been thinking of getting another horse...I think it's time to get back in the saddle. Good for you for getting over your fear and your reward was a wonderful ride and your confidence back! I look forward to seeing more photo's of you on Moonbeam. Enjoy your day!
    Maura :)

  2. I love the color in the carrots. I really should get busy and plant a small garden next year.

  3. What a cute kitten to show us around ...

  4. I too enjoyed the beautiful day...and yes, it goes with the territory...So , have fun but be careful....

  5. I too enjoyed the beautiful day...and yes, it goes with the territory...So , have fun but be careful....

  6. Enjoy the last of the sunny days...I sure hope you can get done what is planned.

    Those carrots look delish...Zinnia's for me next year..I love them.

  7. Glad to see it all coming together for you. Wonderful photos. Your veggies look yummy my mum never peeled our carrots either just cleaned them well the chop, chop lol Have a wonderful day !

  8. We are expecting your rain after you get through with it. Puts a halt to any shearing ideas we had.Hopefully you work will begin again soon. I love zinnias but we have to start them indoors here in Maine.

  9. I love your horse's name! Great photo, too.



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