Friday, September 2, 2011

With the end of the summer comes the beginning of "rut" season for the goats.
Rut is the male equivalent of being "in heat".
It is during this time that air quality around the farm
starts to take on a musky quality....
due mostly to the buck's urinating on their beards and front legs
(we call this cologne application!)

Here is a video of our dear Fred...doing what is referred to as "blubbering".
He has already applied a generous amount of cologne,
and is ready to impress the ladies.
Sadly, for T. Donald's sake, the ladies are far away.
And so Fred turns his affections towards T. Donald!

Make sure your audio is on,
and if you are reading this on Facebook, you will need to view the video
directly from my blog.

These boys spend most of their days engaged in this behavior...
sometimes not even taking a break for meals.
Oh, the poor girls....
it won't be long until dating season begins!


  1. Morning Beverly ~ I'll usually start my day reading something here. You never fail to bring something unknown to me. This goat mating/dating ritual is funny. I listened to the video with all Fred's grunts. Glad the Donald didn't seem to give a flip. It must be funny to see them just do this all day long. When do they get to meet the girls?

  2. Good morning Bev!
    Well this was certainly an eye opener into the lives of male goats. I feel sorry for T Donald. I bet you're glad these guys aren't living close to your house with that heady 'O Da Goat' cologne scent they use! Things will be getting pretty exciting around there soon. Enjoy your Friday and have a wonderful Labor Day weekend!
    Maura :)

  3. We call it being Randy lol
    Wonderful video ! Have a great day !

  4. Phew...I can smell them from here!!!.Poor TDonald

  5. Oh, my goodness...poor T. Donald!

    "FRED!!! I told you. I am NOT that kind of girl. I mean GUY! Sheesh!"


  6. Oh, my, poor T. Donald! I enjoyed the video.

  7. It has started here also. It's not so bad yet, Tomi still listens to his stomache first instead of the girls. But when full rut begins he'll ignore his belly.

    What I find is the most disgusting part is when one of the girls squats to urinate and he's right there to drink it in. Yuck!

  8. Yes. It is that time. My Marley has been very generous in applying his cologne.


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