Monday, September 5, 2011

Weekend Excitement

Happy Labor Day!
How has your Labor Day Weekend been so far?
Have you done anything fun to celebrate the end of summer?

We had quite a bit of an exciting weekend here on the farm.
Hubbs took 4 days off, so we had lots of adventures.

Friday we finally finished erecting the walled tent in the woods.
This has been a summer-long project.

With lots of help, we rolled out the canvas.

Put the poles in place....

Raised her high....

Some finishing touches....

And the final campsite....

Ready for its first over night guests.

To our neighbors and friends Jim and Kathy, our young friends Jake and Andrew...
Thank you so very much for all of your help!
It's hard to believe....
but the tent company (Colorado Yurt Co.) claims that it is possible for two
people to erect this tent.
I wouldn't have wanted to do it with any less than the six of us.


I had time to take a few rides this weekend.
 I have been riding Moonbeam almost daily.

He's been such a good boy...even on long walks through the woods.


Big excitement for Becky and Sid this weekend!
(If you are new to my blog, Becky is my sister in law who shares our farm
and Sid is her rescued thoroughbred race horse.)
Sunday was Sid's first dressage competition.

He did two separate dressage tests and won them both!

What an amazing transformation in just a little over a year....
from broken down, sad retired race horse
proud, healthy, winning dressage horse!

You can watch one of her winning tests here....


  1. Shame on you, Bev...for making me cry so early in the morning. God bless Dr. Becky! Sid has certainly come into his own...what a beautiful stride!

    We bought a pop-up camper that can be set up in under 3 minutes...or so the salesman told us. Well, I'm sure it can...IF the setter-upper has done it a million times before!

    Your tent is beautiful! Are you opening a Tent & Breakfast at the farm?


  2. Good for Dr. Becky. She looked beautiful on her horse. The horse must be thrilled to have found a home with someone so kind as Dr. Becky. The tent is awesome. It looks like it would be a blast to sleep in.

  3. Congratulations to Becky and Sid! She really worked her magic with him! The tent is fantastic, should be a lot of fun for all of you.

  4. That is exciting for Dr. Becky, a great job! The wall tent looks fun, now the wood stove and snuggle in during a snow storm. Who will be the first guests? I'm still on vacation so I'm enjoying my Labor Day Weekend.

  5. Fantastic photos and post
    CONGRATS to Becky & Sid great job you two ! We didnt do much this Labour day weekend just puttered around , It has been gloomy and rainy.
    Have a wonderful day !

  6. Good job Becky and SId.....The tent looks ready for occupancy...Enjoy

  7. Fabulous job, Dr. Becky! Beautiful.

    Love the will be so much fun..I can't imagine setting it up with only two people!

  8. Very impressed with the horse event. Congratulations Becky and Sid.

  9. Oh ya.... looks like more than a 2 person job to me! It's a great looking tent though... I really like it!

  10. The tent looks great. I've wanted one for awhile.... One day perhaps.
    Sid and Becky did a great job. Thanks for sharing.

  11. It sounds like you've had a productive and enjoyable weekend.


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