Monday, September 12, 2011

Dog Days

There's probably nothing that our dogs love more than the adventure of going for a walk.
And especially now after all the rainy days we endured last week.
(We received over a foot of rain last week!)

(Hickory, our 16 year old partially blind gal, gets the luxury of taxi service!)

The good news is....
the ground is starting to dry.
There is very little water running on top of the land anymore.
Puddles remain in low lying areas... but these will also dry with time.

Last evening Hubbs and I took our five favorite friends for a walk to the barn
and the "soccer" field (as we call it) next to the barn.
Playing ball is another of their favorite activities. 

Playing ball has different meanings for each of them.

For Sadie, playing ball is a spectator sport.

For Maddie, it is a game of little effort.

In fact, she lies down for this game.

Hubbs lofts the ball in the direction of her mouth,
and catching the ball is her only energy expenditure.

For Oakley, it is another game all together.

Hubbs throws the ball with a launcher,

and Oakley runs after it with lightning speed,
every muscle in his body in peak performance....

an athletic machine.

For Sam, playing ball is just another chance to annoy Oakley.
He has no desire to chase a ball,
but to hang onto Oakley's tail....

now that's a fun game!

While all this is happening in the field,
Hickory spends her time searching the barn
for anything edible.

And of course, no activity is complete without the participation of three turkeys!

I am hoping that today our front pasture will finally dry enough
that the horses can go out and romp.

Moonbeam and I have been trail-riding through the woods,
but nothing beats hours of grazing on luscious green grass
and romping with your buddies...

I have noticed a distinct change in the air.
I think that autumn is upon us now...
with cool days and even cooler nights.
The leaves have just begun to change color slightly.

I love this time of year...
a welcomed break from the heat and humidity of summer...
a welcomed break for both the dogs and the horses!
Has autumn arrived where you are, too?

( I type this, I hear the sound of distant thunder....


  1. Thunder in the background - not a good sound to you, I'm sure. Looks like the doggies are loving their family time, and of course, those turkeys have to get in on everything. I know the horses are ready to get onto the grass and roll. Hope it drys up soon for you. Our mornings are much cooler now and its dark when I head out to work, so things are a changin'.

  2. Just came through your beautiful state Sat on our way home from WV and Tenn and you all sure did get hit with floods--we detoured so many times-we ended up enjoying more of ur countryside then would have on 81 and 84 highways!! Over hills and winding roads-we felt sad for the natives who got hit-but did enjoy our detour up 209 also! Think sunny crisp days for awhile!! Perfect getting the garden to bed!

  3. P.S. OK that's it.......I keep looking at your aprons--they are so beautiful and I swear~ (don't usually)~I'm really making one!! Instead of grabbing my old triple X tee shirt to throw on--my grandmothers would curl their hair if they saw me!! They always wore beautiful handmade aprons! I'm doing it!!! haha and I'm sending you a pic Bev!!!

  4. We had more rain last night but I reseeded my front yard yesterday morning so it was welcome and not all that much..

  5. I had to laugh at your husband pushing a stroller with a dog in only think what people passing by may think seeing truly are a crazy dog lady (in a good's cute!).

    The dogs and their style of playing remind me of my own children, everyone wants something else, it seems!

    Have you ever lacto-fermented vegetables before? I thought I might mention it to you as it is a post on my blog today. The health benefits are many and it's a great way to preserve without canning. You can read more at

  6. Fall is here for us, cool nights and days fresh breezes and trees are a changing and leaves are falling! Our Miggy loves this weather as well as does Papa and I . Awesome photos of your furbabies and Hickory in the stroller is adorable! Have a wonderful day !

  7. How sweet of you to gauge the games for all the dogs! Love it and I can see they do too!

  8. It certainly looks like everyone was enjoying themselves immensely. I had to chuckle at the picture of Maddie catching the ball~looks like she's going to eat the guinea. We are 90 degrees today and it's only supposed to be 56 on Wednesday. Crazy weather!

  9. I love this post! Dogs are my favorite. We have five dogs. Loved seeing that you have a Bernese Mt. Dog. We have one too.
    Great post and great blog!

  10. Love this post, Bev!

    We take our two weenie dogs (Bonnie and Clyde) down to the soccer fields on the college campus here in town. They can walk without leashes (they're really good about sticking close to us)...and Clyde enjoys socializing with all the co-eds!


  11. Our little doxie rides in a stroller too! She's 10. Your dogs look like they had a good time. That is so funny about chasing the tail!!! GA has been extremely dry and weeks of near 100 temps. Finally we are seeing lower temps and a few of the leaves are turning. Like you, I love Autumn!

  12. What fun! I love how certain dogs light up when a ball is spotted. That's cute the way Sammy goes after Oakley's tail instead of the each his own I guess. Our little Shih Tzu Chelsea is the ball chaser AND our retriever. She'll go after the ball with lightning speed and then run back and drop it at your feet for another throw. Heaven help any other dog including our huge Shep that goes after that said ball! I hope that thunder stayed in the distance and you got no more rain. We could sure use it here..we've had nothing but a few drops but nothing to cover the ground. Enjoy your day!
    Maura :)


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