Friday, September 9, 2011

Ten Minutes of Sunshine

Do you know why this goat is smiling?

You might guess, from the food on his bottom lip, 
that he is smiling because it is dinner time.
And you would be half right.
The special thing about this particular dinner time,
is that for the first time in 5 days it wasn't raining!

Yes, we had a 10 minute break yesterday afternoon,
and the sun came out.
Jack's sister Jill was smiling as well...
also with food on her bottom lip.

I really must talk to these two about their manners!

Yes, for the first time in 5 days, the goats emerged from their houses.

Here are the "boys" waiting for their supper...

During the rain, they stay in their houses,
sometimes two in a house,
and munch on hay (and then poop in their houses).
A little house cleaning will be necessary when the rain is finished!

I found this little guy trying to escape the rain in our garage yesterday...

Escargot, anyone?

I had a request for a picture of the front of our guest house....

I love this little cottage.
It has a small kitchen, living room and full bath on the first floor,
and a sleeping loft on the second.
It is toasty warm in the winter with a small wood stove
(although it has electric heat also).

Oh, and in case you were wondering if there is any new drama
in the guinea world....
Things remain status quo.
Guido and Giuseppe are still on the outs with Gus.
They spend all of their time with the turkeys.

Meanwhile Gus hangs out around the barn,
pretending to be a chicken.
(He hasn't fooled anyone!)

I sure wish I knew what caused this awful rift in the family.
We might never one is talking!

And our little Leo...
well, he has ventured out of the hayloft
 and down the steps to the first floor of the barn.

"My, what big ears you have!"

"The better to hear you with Mama dear."

I think I am in "kitty love"!

We have had terrible flooding in Central Pa. this week.
Our main river, the Susquehanna, has overflowed its banks,
sending thousands to higher grounds.
We are very lucky that our farm sits on high grounds.
Our thoughts and prayers are with those who are not so lucky.
We are to get more rain today,
so the worst of the flooding is yet to come.


  1. Thanks for your farm tour this morning. It always brightens my day to read your posts.
    I will pray for your communities safety from the floods...

    Have a super fantastic weekend.

  2. I just love your farm animal photos, takes me back to our hobbie farm I was raised on as kid, I miss all the animals thanx to your wonderful blog I feel like I am with them again ! Papa and I are aiming to have our own hobbie farm in the future we want minitures of all kinds and a couple of horses ! Hope the rain stops soon for you ! Have a wonderful day !

  3. The flooding is over..Things have crested and are beginning to work there way back in to their banks...Happy that the goaties could get out and that you've seen the sun..None around here..We're up to 12 inches at last count and sooo muggy..Leo has Maine coon ears..Hopefully, he'll grow in to them...he's a cutie...

  4. I would be happy to trade you some more sunshine for some of the rain. I am sure that we will get our rain in due time. It is good to hear that the farm is on high ground. My heart breaks for those families that are suffering from all the rain and flooding.

  5. So each goat has his/her own house? I love the picture of their little "village!"

    Praying that you continue to stay high and dry.


  6. You have such a lovely farm! I enjoy visiting each day!

    Leo is adorable! And all your animals look so happy!

    Stay dry and safe!

  7. Glad to see you got a little weather break! Hope it lasts!

  8. I always love learning about animals I don't have. I've always seen goat houses and wondered if they really stayed in there. Glad you home and grounds are dry. We watch the news all the time of the flooding devastation. Love the new kitty.

  9. Hi,
    Just wanted to stop by and say hi and invite you to stop by my new blog, Simple Pleasures /formerly Michelles Cozy Cottage.

  10. Glad you've had a break in the rain. Hope you stay safe.

  11. Cute smiling goats and adorable kitten. He seems to get around. Thanks for showing your cottage. Did ya'll stay here while you were building the main house? Such an interesting roof line!


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