Monday, September 19, 2011

Start Spreading The News.....

After months of wondering....
The proof is finally here!

Henri/Henriette has found his/her gender identity!

While the Marans were chicks, and little "Henri" was the surprise
Polish crested amongst the group, I just assumed he would be a rooster.
(They always are!)

But then, the girls and Henri came of age and there were no outward signs....
no flashy tail feathers,
no spurs,
no "Cock-a-Doodle"....not even an occasional "Dooooooo".

And Henri became Henriette.

Until yesterday.

Turn up your volume.....

 There you have it, folks.....
yet another rooster in the Henhouse.
(That makes 4 in this henhouse.)
Luckily, Henri, is not interested in the ladies.



  1. Henri/Henrietta is confused... :-)

  2. He looks like road runner....ha! need for more Roosters...huh?

  3. Loved the video ! I guess it took some time for him to find his voice lol He is a funny looking character lol I miss having chickens and such they can be quite comical as all the animals were on our hobbie farm I grew up on. Have a wonderful day !

  4. Ah well... it is what it is :-)

  5. So, every farm needs at least one gay or bi-sexual or transexual rooster in the yard who DOES NOT care for the ladies... Or maybe he's just saving himself for the right lady?? hee hee.

  6. How do you keep so many roosters without fighting? And do you keep their spurs on or remove them? Henri may be saving his attentions for just that special hen.

  7. Sometimes it takes awhile to find yourself..Henri is still working on it...:)

  8. Oh, they have their squabbles, but most often work them out. The secret is in the hen to rooster ratio.....and free ranging. Right now we are at an ok ratio, but if Henri discovers more than just his crow, we might be in for a rumble!!

  9. Hi Bev, I love the silly look and voice of Henri! I wanted to make a little comment about the little pig post. My Grandma who was born in 1899 always told me her favorite pet as a child was a little pig! I came up with the names Oreo and Smore! From Lori, who made the fairy gardens with my Granddaughters! And thank you again!

  10. That's pretty funny! Here I was reading along thinking, gosh that's a pretty hen.

  11. I have a Polish Crested rooster too. He is very interested in the ladies-particularly my Polish Crested hen. My hen is light yellow with the orange/red of your rooster just around the edges of her feathers. My rooster is black partridge (I think). Well except for the fact that someones has pulled all his tailfeathers out. He started crowing last month and now has developed a crest kinda like devil horns on either side of his head. He is beautiful though-and its a good thing-otherwise I wouldn't keep him. I also have 2 other roosters that are banties. I think I may rehome one with my aunt who also has banties. The other is stunning and I would eventually like to enter him in a show. My original goal was just hens. You can see how successful that was!

  12. Too funny! Isn't it amazing how hard it is to tell gender on some of those chicks. We thought we had a hen that the kids took to the county fair. Then "she" started crowing.

  13. LOL Loved the video and it's always good to hear your voice. Yep I'd say Henri is a fella! We have two roosters...the laying hens and Romeo (black Australorp and Buff Orpingtons) live in one area and the little bantams are in another. Once one rooster starts crowing the other has to crow's like a 'pissing contest' (as hubby says) of the feathered kind ;)


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