Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hi Ho Silver

We've been thinking of breaking Donnie Brasco for riding.
Donnie is the perfect size for small children to ride.
He is our older and (very chubby) very sweet pony.

A couple of years ago,
I bought a tiny saddle for him.

Yesterday we tried it on...

He wasn't sure at first and was very hesitant to move his hind legs.

He stood in the barn all stretched out, afraid to move.

After a few minutes and several peppermint treats he relaxed.
I draped myself across his saddle with no reaction from him.
Time for a human guinea pig.
Enter Tyler....

His mommy lifted him onto the saddle and there he sat as proud as could be.
And Donnie didn't mind in the least.

What a big cowboy!

What a good pony!
Hubbs took Donnie outside and walked and trotted him.
He seemed oblivious to the saddle on his back.

One more  ride sit for Tyler.

The return walk back to the house....

accompanied by his buddies, the turkeys!

By this time it was almost supper time,
so we took a little rest in the hammock
before going in to eat.

The amazing thing is how quickly he learned that if he rocked his body
side to side, the hammock would swing!


  1. All kids are so smart...even the pony variety! Tyler will have a ball riding the pony!

  2. What a sweet pony he is cute ! Love the photos of the little guy on him he is a cutie I just want to tweek his little cheeks . Have a wonderful day !

  3. What a cute pony and little boy!

  4. What fun!! Tyler is going to need a seat belt for the hammock...Looks like Donny Brasco is a perfect fit....I was wondering when that day would come..

  5. What a sweetheart. Both the pony and Tyler. I kind of think a saddle for the first time might be like wearing a bra for the first time. Not a good experience. I think I might have bucked and kicked a few times. ;)

  6. oh my how Tyler has grown!!. What a sweet smile and how excited is he to be up on the pony.
    If you have a riding club in the area maybe you can get one of the kids to ride him for you. We did that with our pony and he loved every minute of it. Then he will be all ready for Tyler when he gets just a little
    Cute pictures!!!

  7. Sounds like a lovely day!

  8. They learn so fast don't they! And they grow up so fast too which is the sad part. New parents want their little ones to grow up fast as they sit back and enjoy the different stages but we Grandparents know that this time goes by SO fast. You're very fortunate that you get to enjoy watching Tyler grow and experience things...especially all the fun and exciting things that happen on the farm! Donny Brasco did GREAT at handling a saddle for the first time...I bet he'll be easy for you to train. Have fun!

  9. The look on Tyler's face while sitting on the pony was delightful. You can tell he was so happy. What a nice pony. And Tyler is one cute baby!

  10. How sweet. There's just something perfect about kids and ponies.


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